The sky’s the limit for sponsored children!

Many sponsors ask, what happens to sponsored children after they graduate from our programs? For Dial Grace from the Philippines, the sky’s the limit![Philippines][Dial Grace][Formerly sponsored child][photo taken during AFU collection in 2002]

We first met Dial Grace when she was 10 years old, shy and unsure of her future. A decade later, she’s on her way to finishing college with Save the Children by her side.

Growing up with Save the Children has built numerous memories, countless laughter and millions of smiles. We learned life lessons, we gained friends and we built a family.

[Philippines][Dial Grace][Formerly sponsored child][portrait 1]Dial Grace says that sponsorship programs helped her become the woman she is today. “One of the most important sessions for me was the Basic Life Skills workshop. It has been my foundation to know myself better and it helped me understand how to make better – if not the best – decisions,” she said.

Now, Dial Grace works as a registered nurse in Saudi Arabia, where she feels that she is able to pay it forward to others in need. “Back in my younger days, I envisioned my future self, working with people and influencing them in such a way that Save the Children had created positive changes in my life.” she said.

The learnings I gained from Save the Children have been one of my secrets for being who I am today, thus, wherever I will be, I can proudly and humbly say that Save the Children is part of it.

Your sponsorship helps children learn, grow and dream – and Dial Grace is proof that those dreams can become reality with a little help. “Participating in the programs of Save the Children has made a great impact in my life,” she said.

What Becomes of a Save the Children Formerly Sponsored Child When they Grow Up?

Fidelia Condarco Photo

Fidelia Condarco, Sponsorship Assistant

Oruro, Bolivia

June 2013

Sandra Veronica Velasquez Layme is one of the many success stories of former sponsored children who are now adults and have broken the poverty cycle.

Sandra Veronica Velasquez Layme at home

A sponsored child from Francisco Fajardo School in Oruro, Sandra participated in Save the Children sponsorship program from when she was young. She was part of the School Health and Nutrition program and, in 7th grade, became part of the adolescent program "Making Decisions." We interviewed her about the impact of sponsorship programs.

How did the Sponsorship program help you?
After many years, Sandra said, she finally understood the benefit of receiving Ferrous sulfate and vitamin A, which helped her in school and in her development. She also mentioned that her participation in our Dance Festivals helped her be more sociable with classmates.

What obstacles did you overcome?
With the help of our programs, Sandra overcame her shyness and started to think differently. At first, she felt uncomfortable, but later on, she enjoyed sharing with other teens and started improving her social skills and making friends. This prepared her to make decisions in a thoughtful way. She also told us she used to have difficulties speaking with her parents, but Save the Children helped her overcome this problem, and she now enjoys a strong relationship.

Sandra became a facilitator for the program and, finally, a mentor, growth that "clearly marked my life." Sandra Veronica Velasquez Layme portraitShe also was part of our Youth Zones program at the Yugoslavian Health Center. Today, Sandra is president of a children and adolescent organization called Q’ANRRAYKU (¨thinking of you¨ in quechua), which she says started thanks to Save the Children and the potential of teens in the Making Decisions program. 

What does she do for a living?
Sandra decided to teach because she wanted to share her knowledge with other children. She graduated in 2010 and became a psychology and philosophy teacher. Now, she’s studying to finish a pedagogy major and also to become a public accountant.

Says Sandra, "Save the Children helped me a lot – helped me to dream, to fly and to establish goals. Today, I am a confident, determined, professional and able to contribute to positively change my society. Save the Children, thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to be part of you and to grow so much."


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