We Built a School!


Judy Reichman, M.D.

LA Associates of Save the Children

Gosu Kora, Ethiopia

March 16, 2015


Having traveled for 20 hours to reach Addis Ababa in Ethiopia at 3 AM on January 17th, I did not know if I could gather up the energy to get in a jeep and travel 130 kilometers that same morning to see the school that our group of LA Associates of Save the Children had funded. But when I and the three women who went on this trip arrived, we forgot our fatigue as we were met by hundreds of children, parents, village elders and horseback riders who sang and cheered as we traversed the dirt road leading to the village and school.


Students Welcome LA Associates of Save the Children

Until this year, in order to get to a school for primary education the children had to walk two hours each way from their village! The little ones could not do it, and the older girls were not allowed to attend school unless they had separate latrines. These children and their parents dreamed of their chance to acquire an education; they knew it was the only way they could break their existing bonds of poverty. Save the Children has worked for decades with the government of Ethiopia to help establish schools throughout the country.


A Plaque Dedicated to Los Angeles Associates of Save the Children

Once a school is built and supplied the government then provides the teachers and together with the community continues to run them. The local school often becomes the center for democratic participation in governance, child health, child rights and community welfare. It was with this in mind that the LA Associates of Save the Children raised the funds to establish the school in this village. The opportunity our journey afforded us to experience the joy and gratitude of the children and their community was extraordinary. Save the Children is an amazing global organization and we now have a West Coast presence here on LA. I feel honored to be a part of it.

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A Visit to Harirampur


N.A Rajee

Senior Sponsorship Retention Officer

Harirampur, Bangladesh

March 9, 2015


Unzila lives in the colorful and fruitful village of Harirampur. She is currently in the sixth grade at Harirampur secondary school and her goal is to continue to read and learn. She enjoys reading books provided by Save the Children to enhance her reading skills.


Unzil in the Sixth Grade at Harirampur Secondary School

Unzila’s family is very supportive of her endeavors and dreams to one day obtain a career and become very successful. Her father is a farmer and her mother is a house-wife. She has one older brother, two younger brothers, and one older sister. Her mother wants her and her siblings to receive a good education. She feels an education can qualify her for a good job or future career and will help her rise in life. Her mother wants her daughter to be a police officer when she grows up.

Unzila knows that the importance of a Save the Children’s intervention is immense because this organization makes many services available in her community and that she as well as other children like her greatly benefit from them. She receives books, de-worming and iron tablets and health related information. February 21st marks International Mother Language Day celebration and the hand washing day organized by Save the Children. These are Unzila’s favorite events.


Unzil During Class at Harirampur Secondary School

With the help of her sponsor, her family, and Save the Children services Unzila benefits greatly from being a sponsored child. For Unzila, receiving a letter from the sponsor and reading it is a lot of fun. She is a curious girl and would like for her sponsor to write letters about the school children, especially those who are her age, what kind of things they learn in school, and the birds and beasts found most in their (sponsor’s) country. Although Unzila’s sponsor, Michael, has never visited her, she thinks it would be much joy if he did. She nourishes the fantasy of introducing her sponsor-friend to teachers and friends at school, giving him flowers, showing the canals near her home, the barbed wire Bangladesh-India borders and entertaining him with biscuits and chanachur.

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