Teaching the Science of Cleaning: Professor Wendy Graham of LSHTM on the Crucial Importance of “Basics” in Fighting Infections

This post is part of a series authored by the BASICS (Bold Action to Stop Infections in Clinical Settings) team. BASICS is a new initiative that will transform healthcare and reduce healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) by at least 50%. Tanzania is one of the four countries where BASICS’ rollout is planned

Cleaning is a science, but cleaning staff in low resourced healthcare facilities are often not equipped with the right training, supplies or the power to ask for what they need to carry out effective cleaning and effective change in behavior.

How can we make teaching the science of clean easy, practical and unforgettable for those who hold the power of ensuring hygiene in healthcare is safe, of high quality and successful? Professor Wendy Graham takes you through the power of TEACH CLEAN.