A Teacher Joins Literacy Boost

6a0120a608aa53970c01b7c8486bb5970b-120wiMengos Nazare

Basic Education Coordinator

Save the Children in Mozambique

April 22, 2016

It’s in a primary school in Mozambique where I meet 31-year-old Malica, an experienced teacher. Malica is a wife, a mother of two children and a working professional – but she manages to reconcile all these roles, admitting that it’s not easy. In her pursuit to constantly improve the learning environment for her students, she sought out teacher training programs outside of her regular work duties. It was due to her extra engagement in the community that she was recommended by the local authorities to be a part of a sponsorship-funded teacher training course offered by Save the Children in Mozambique.

Malica, a teacher in Nacala Porto, is excited to join the Literacy Boost efforts

Malica is involved in the local school council, in which she’s tasked with making sure that children are cared for properly. She also works to better community members’ understanding of the value that the school and an accessible education has for benefiting the larger community. Because of her strong performance in these roles, Malica was selected to be a Literacy Boost teacher’s trainer.

Literacy Boost is a program that aims to enhance early reading and writing skills. Its strategies are based on evidence of what works in teaching children how to read: a well-trained teacher, plentiful and interesting books to read and a supportive home environment. Since we believe learning takes place both in and out of school, Literacy Boost works with teachers, parents, community literacy volunteers and youth to create a holistic reading program that sets the stage for a bright future. Learning what this program could mean for the children of her community, Malica was filled with joy at the idea of becoming involved to train teachers. She was not expecting this good news and recognizes that working in Literacy Boost is a new experience in her life that will even further improve her work as a teacher.

Malica teaching a lesson at her school in Nacala Porto

She tells me that teaching is very challenging in her community, especially when dealing with overcrowded classes where she and other teachers struggle to give the necessary attention to each pupil. Malica believes that every teacher should have the mindset that they are almost a second parent for the children, and so they must be able to always give their best to guarantee that children grow up safe and healthy, and that they get the quality education they deserve. She thanks sponsors for making this opportunity possible.

Sponsorship programs that focus on teacher training and literacy skills are at the forefront of our work in sponsorship-supported communities. We work with the whole community to emphasize the importance of educating children, so that students may develop the vital learning foundations that give them the best start in life. Again, thank you to our sponsors for bringing Literacy Boost to Mozambique!

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