A Letter for Esnart

Author Portrait_Goodhope Siwakwi, Community Mobilization Officer, Save the Children Sub-Office, Kalulushi, Zambia

Goodhope Siwakwi

Community Mobilization Officer

Kalulushi, Zambia

January 11, 2016

“Another delivery for Esnart,” I thought as I got ready that morning. Excited, I tied the parcels to my motorbike and set off for Bulaya, the community where Esnart goes to school.

The morning was filled with birds singing, celebrating the rising of the sun and the rain showers. It was a wonderful day. As I approached the school, I heard children singing and excited voices. They were having a short break from class. Some seemed to be nearly in a frenzy as they ran around outside, enjoying playing soccer and other games.

At the sound of the motorbike, everyone’s attention shifted as they recognized me from the sponsorship enrollment exercises, the day that we gather the children’s information and officially enroll them in our programs. The children grouped around me, each one anxious to receive a letter from their sponsor.

Esnart’s mother greeted me warmly, “Mwaiseni Mukwai” meaning ‘Welcome,’ expecting me as I had told her earlier to be present at the time of the delivery. Esnart greeted me more shyly, but was eager to see what was contained in the parcel for her. I untied them from the motorbike and began to open them to go through the contents with the parents and teachers. I handed Esnart her letter and she excitedly thanked me, saying she was very thankful and felt special to have a sponsor to write letters to.

Esnart’s mother fell to her knees and clapped three times, as practiced in our local culture, to show gratitude. She was short of words on how grateful she is for the sponsorship support of her daughter and her community.

“My sponsor is my role model and when I grow up I want to be a nurse so that I can help sick people in my community.” Esnart said.

Children love receiving any form of communication from their sponsors. It motivates them to go to school as well as other children to go to school themselves and enroll in the sponsorship program. It is so helpful for them to know that other people are concerned about them and love them too. Thank you, Sponsors!

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