Tracy Meets Patrick and His Community

Author Portrait_Agnes Zalila, Sponsorship Manager, Save the Children, Kalulushi Sub Office, Zambia

Agnes Zalila

Sponsorship Manager, Save the Children, Kalulushi Sub-Office


December 14, 2015

Today is an extraordinary day not only for Patrick but for all the children in his community and the entire Save the Children team in Zambia. Today his sponsor is visiting him and she is the first sponsor to ever visit since the inception of the sponsorship program in Lufwanyama, Zambia! 

Tracy with Patrick and his classmates

Tracy with Patrick and his classmates

Patrick, age 6, lives in one of the communities where Save the Children has recently opened an Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) Center. He and other children in his community all benefit together from the sponsorship program. He feels very lucky to have the opportunity to go to the ECCD Center and learn so much. The community never had such learning facilities for children Patrick’s age until Save the Children phased in. 

Patrick’s sponsor Tracy was greeted by the Sponsorship Team and then taken to Nkana, the community where Patrick lives with his family. First, Tracy went to Patrick’s school where a warm gathering including parents, teachers, caregivers and children was expecting her. She was given a big welcome by everybody, most importantly from Patrick who was very shy, but excited. The two seemed to be short of words as they stared at each other and exchanged big smiles.

Tracy then had the opportunity to witness some program activities on health and nutrition, specifically those that address the issues of water and sanitation. Additionally, even though schools were on holiday, Tracy was able to meet with Patrick’s friends and classmates.

Tracy pumping water at one of the pumps

Tracy pumping water at one of the pumps

Tracy greatly appreciated this experience. She plans to share the story of her trip with her students back in New York, so they too can understand more about what life is like for children in Zambia. We encourage more sponsors to visit the communities and programs Save the Children supports. Tracy has pledged to come back and says she will be more prepared next time as she understands the realities better now. The Zambia Country Office team hopes that she will be an ambassador for the country and encourage many other sponsors to take the journey as well. The community also thanked Tracy as one of their generous sponsors and expressed their great appreciation for her support towards improving the education and wellbeing of children in their community.

What is most notable today is that now the community, children, staff, Tracy and Patrick can attach faces to the other end of the sponsor-child communications.

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