Jordan: “We get to be happy”

Francine-blog-headFrancine Uenuma, Director Media Relations and


September 2013

Since Syrians began fleeing their homes two and a half years
ago, we have seen countless images of large camps, tents comprising our images
of families forced to flee their homes in Syria. But here in Jordan – home to
the largest of these camps, Za’atari, which has 130,000 people – many more are
urban refugees, scattered in host communities and struggling to get the
services they need.

We recently visited a child-friendly space in Amman, where
Save the Children is connecting with this hard-to-reach segment of the refugee
population. We saw a bright, cheerful space tucked into a neighborhood in the
older eastern part of the city, where children have adorned the walls with
drawings and crafts. In this room 29 children – and 3 adults, comprised of Save
the Children staff and Syrian volunteers – help children express themselves and
play in a non-threatening environment.


Shireena_Francine_blog_Jordan_Spet_2013We spoke to to 10-year-old Shireena*, who is in Amman with
her mother and siblings. Her father has been missing for more than a year.
Shireena has been out of school for two years, and like many children who are
unable to attend school, the child-friendly space is her only structured
activity. “We get to be happy,” she says. “We draw and we play…we sing and tell
stories.” Despite being unable to attend school, she tells us she wants to grow
up to be a doctor because “if something happens to you or someone close to you,
you can help them.”


As we prepare to leave, the teacher tells us someone wants
to speak to us. Zeina*, 8, is shy and quiet – she speaks so softly we can
barely hear her. The first thing she says is that she is worried about her
father. She saw him after he was shot in both legs and crippled – a horrifying
image for anyone, much less a child, to witness. “I’m very concerned for my
father because we often can’t reach him,” she says, her expression conveying
the sadness and worry that she carries with her. Here at the child-friendly
space, she likes to draw her old neighborhood, to be able to express her
memories of a home she still misses.

Reaching children like Shireena and Zeina  – as well as their families (the center also
holds sessions for parents and helps connect them to much-needed services) – is
Save the Children’s priority in this crisis, and critically important in urban
areas like this. Buses provide transportation, as many parents cannot afford
it, and bring children to the center. Parents have told teachers that they see
a positive change in their children’s behavior – less aggression, more
friendliness – as a result of their time here.


Despite the
encouraging signs from this child-friendly space, the number of children spread
across cities who do not have access to programs like this is too high. Like
Shireena and Zeina, those children need support and assistance to cope with the
new reality of their childhoods.



Read Save the Children’s report Hunger in a War Zone

Donate to help Syria’s Children



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    Li Jun’s action undoubtedly lets F in order to move, square’s sorcery teachers greatly they also know if just Li Jun didn’t block those fire waves, perhaps they didn’t again brandish the opportunity of method Zhang, can be treated as Li Jun gave them the opportunity to attackstone for the second time, so they make a decision to want the chemical element user of the other party of exhaustive shot Kui, recompense Li Jun, also want to prove that own real strenght wants at the other party with this on, Li Jun’s effort didn’t waste, is particularly exactly the fieriness that the reason like this makes their attacks.Look back ten square college this place of sorcery teacher all drive Li Jun that cut off definitely a gun of the heroism lived for earthquake, the power of the doctrine of Ao snow have much strong they all know, can is unexpectedly that so attack for Li Jun Yi

    “The Du flies, you saying speak for this period of time for us tonight, the circumstance of Europe, how come back so late?”A hear the Du fly into a door, together and together the friendship runs to come over to ask a way.

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    See Liu Lao Gui escape, Du’s flying isn’t worried either, Fu body often old ghost and Pan old ghost body up of keep thing bracelet to lay by, then walk into a cave will be subjected to scared wave green took out.

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    “Is flippant, does the Du fly still here!”Wang Xue is said by the husband’s disgusting words blush with shame, see flank the Du standing fly smile don’t smile, Chen the husband is a , walked into a kitchen in quick time.

    “Certainly!”That person towardsed Du to fly to with grace smile to smile, ” I take you past!”

    Jade at once the male listen to is this affair, see the identity that Xu Wen Tao all admitted a fatty pig week, hence say:”This affair I also can be help to say for a while, but concretely can succeed, I didn’t dare to promise.”

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    Even if there are many beauty halls down the street, can make the powder makeup to your face the jade carve, if ever must grow health care article, be said flowers on the sky all have the face to will drop to you and come up, but your crow’s feet still wants and slowly climbs out, on your sum of smooth also silently disappear.With little girl compare white compare delicate ratio red and dizzy, that you end meeting at failure at disappointed with pale medium.

    The gold is small to open to hurriedly open a door, but drive in the moment ostentatious get a fright.In addition to Wei fingerling, appear still having more than ten”is black super the Jing is especially” of big and strong muscle black western dress black sunglasses of doorway, those people’s vision together brushes of stare at small open to see, the energy is hundred percent.

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    ‘I am glad this meeting was already arranged,’Sir Henry said,after we had shaken hands with our visitors.’I need your help,Mr Holmes.A strange thing happened to me this morning.Look at this letter.’ralph lauren outlet coupon Also don’t little belly chicken bowel.

    “Is lovely

    “That is ……ground fire monster Jing?!”The gold is small to open Ya however call a way.

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    Wink a disappearance to disappear.But her love, be like the sunflower of that gold, missed in summer, missed sunlight, can’t bloom any further.

    “Thank two way friends.”Smell the speech Du flying a point to nod and just asking a way to Peng cloud later on, ” Peng way friend, just and at under together come of small generation, because don’t take part in into emperor Ge of with each other city, some products of demands didn’t change, don’t know friend can be at under solution for a while?Certainly, at under will take out the product commutation of equal.”

    Looking at white dress woman, Du’s flying don’t talk, wanting to see her can speak what advantage.

    adidas jeremy scott wings Fire tooth way:”The all these seen by you should is all moral concept of this dreamland creator, or even is a global view.”

    “Hua!”Who know to keep in mind the light fanlight light act again twinkled right after true 4 personses of bamboos went in, 4 people walked out again.

    However let that four star elders in despair BE, just still put one vice- friendly face with him of those four star evolution, all coldly looking at him at the moment, then orderany those to have no arousable four starses experiment the body block up he at the cluster is outside.

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    Chapter 9 fatty beard Sa(up)

    The green bird double eyes put light, way:”Is small to open an elder brother, I when can be like you similar?”

    The gold is small to open to hear their dialogues, know that they didn’t want to they how, secretly loosenned tone in the heart.”That, how can I call you?”Gold small development this aureate runt seems now the power is very big, immediately and then doing must try to please the decision of this runt.

    polo ralph lauren factory store See a wonderful old way of dust no longer close to, and that handle gleam flying of cold light the sword is also near at very short distance, the Du flies to looking at a wonderful old way of dust suddenly on smiling, immediately the body form was one Shan, disappeared from some sorcery protections the turn.

    This day, the young man finds out miss, the drum foot courage asks:”Do you believe that the opportunity destines for sky?”Miss eyes stared at a ceiling to answer 1:”Believe.”Then counter-question him, ” do you believe?”He answers:”I hear that each boy’s prenatal period, God then will tell him, what to want to marry is which girl in the future.While aming born, my future bride already supply I.God also tells me, my bride is that one is hunchback.I at that time upward the emperor implored:’God, the women of a hunchback will be a tragedy, beg you to give hunchback me and leave the beautiful looks to my bride again.'”The miss looking at eyes of young man at that timed, and have already been disturbed by some memories of heart deep place.Her handle knob stretches toward him and became his most affectionate wife after.

    When this gold color Ultrasaurus appears, have been falling in the card of gold small beginning and pull then be heavily played in the wall, almost hit into meat patty.However like astonishing in its defense dint, this small wound also can not want its small life.But under the terrible breathing of the gold color Ultrasaurus, card’s pulling is also the dither of Su Su, the body is stiff, completely can not make to serve as what action.

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    The Si skin gram also runs toward the corner for hasing an accident to, the side asks:”What’s the matter with Miao Miao?”

    The Li Shu actually current luck sees in the Zhen Yi is best, nearby don’t lack letting of cleverness as well the person whom he shivers lend support to, but the Zhen Yi after all experience successively rains and winds for few decade of person, he is understand, few someones luck is fixed and unchangealbe, each person’s life tracks contain top, there is low valley.He doesn’t dare to affirm actually current luck of Li Shu as well exactly how.

    “Yi?There is also guy like this, this is to really don’t thought of, probably this should be the emperor Song just especially the idea leave of successor.”

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    “The real strenght of the Ran soul army corps absolutely can’t virtuously make track for cloud to ride than the Wei inferior to.”Snow blue way, ” you know to cause conflagration to is the thief of big Mo’the fox of desert’?”

     “Bang!”The Di maple left hand is one space, the another skill complies with the surrounding once the arm of giving the thin ratio take and then dissolved his powerful one shot, on the strength probably the Di maple is still rather thin to compare so far, but technique up absolutely compare with thin want Gao Duo than the level!

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    ‘I remember driving up to the Hall one evening about three weeks before he died.He was standing at the door.I went up to him,and saw him staring at something behind me.There was a look of horror on his face.I turned quickly and saw something moving between the trees.It looked like a small black cow.He was so frightened that I went to look for the animal.It had disappeared but Sir Charles was very worried.I stayed with him all the evening.It was then he gave m

    ‘I believe you,Mrs Lyons,’said Holmes.’Now,let me tell you what I think happened.You can tell me If I’m right or if I’m wrong.First of all,I think Stapleton told you to write the letter to Sir Charles and to ask him for help.He also told you to ask Sir Charles

    Took out the evil crystal stone of that ground crack from the radicle, the Du flew to take out that from the universe quit big evil crystal put go in, then move a control set home position once, this just let many pupils come over to transport magic.

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    The gold is small to open now really very anxious to keep on driving empty boat right away, see my noodles actually isn’t the person whom I wants to seek.However the west gram wanted to once deceive him to a little bit have a little trouble still and just and nearby.

    “Hua!”Who know to keep in mind the light fanlight light act again twinkled right after true 4 personses of bamboos went in, 4 people walked out again.

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    The plum flower won to put lightly kisses along with the light breeze like the ocean in one white, this mountain peak is named plum mountain, in that mountain peak of most the top is exactly the place that the Rong Yan believes in.

    Connect through summer if the Xi throws of lighter, summer cloud Xi immediately will that severals pack rice calico sack to order and throw into from the pottery bottle pouring, then will dismantle the next wood to also fill into severals from the floor.Before organization summer camp in the senior high school of time, she once camped out in the outside, so knew how to start a fire.

    All have importance on the public body don’t wait of condition of the injury, connect a gold small open with sea the Si also all consumed a great deal of dint and temporarily had no dint to carry on other activities.And the gold is small to open to wait person to drive to come of fly boat have been already been ruined, want to leave here am also a troublesome affair.After company measured some kind of, the public decision fixs first here whole a period of time, also want to adjust a reason to be healthy at least body of status again think a way to leave.

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    Is airtight?The Earth mankind and other parallel mankind of spaces, in essence isn’t the same kind?

    One of “Zheng” is huge to ring, resist the brain of accepting the Xian in, the thunder is similar to blast open, the whole individual immediately Meng similar, lean against the instinct of one silk, resist to accept Xian to suddenly retreat, a short moment after, have already appeared original place, a pair of eyes are watching out for of stares at that corpse.

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    Originally the small Du intended to return to Xian to resume renewal on last Friday, result because the weather now cold now hot got sick, old mama didn’t let to leave home and came over to return to Xian to today’s instauration.

    Seal to traverse Ao however way:”Even if such, that again how?”

    “Is alas!Father how don’t see out their wolf sub- greeds, also let you and the beast taking care of family fall in love and almost harmed your lifetime!”Celebrate ambition mountain to blur out tears, lightly fondle the hair that the mo wears a daughter, the in the mind is full to is sorry and ashamed.

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    The gold is small to open to put to put a hand, way:”Do not say so, much stronger than me.”Wanted to think the way is again:”Does this passage connect where?”

    “Alas!!”The soul returns to among the body, the gold is small to draw to engrave and then feel that the chest spreads a burst of acute pain and cannot helps but bellowing to make a noise.

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    “Do you make moves for the not afraid preceding generation?”The secondary rainbow clothes asks a way.

    “It is no harm.”Flicked to wave hand, the Du flew to signal hint cold three friendses of year olds to walk into a light door together with him.

    On getting into concealed bead space, the Du flies and then ated a surprised, because the concealed bead space is at the beginning no longer the star of list at this time, but is the minimum galaxy with a fixed star and several planets, each major planet takes fixed star as revolution around sun in the center, everythings are all orderly.

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    Chapter 7 is killing to run about wildly(up)

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    “The Du elder need not be over-courteous!”See the Du fly to change a form of address, Chen Shi Bin then knows he, the this time purpose at last comes to a, the Han head smiles to return to 1.

    Be flown this eye one Chou by the Du, the wave was green to immediately think of her to fly with Du of the true relation of , immediately Da draw down head, the fascination in the heart all dissipations are almost exhausted.

    It is noisy to come to them.

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    Connect down a gold small open to relate the composing of this world 1 time with the most simple explanation, then keep black piece waiting a person to stay to wait for he or she back in this forest.A side has been already waited the impatient fire tooth press a way:”Like, a big man still so mother-in-law mother, what rubbish come back to say again.”

    “You try to concentrate the dollar dint to your third eye, should can see clear everything.”

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    More let the shocked affair of these people but occurrence are in the behind, the heavy infantry that see courageous empire at Dou absolute being empire heavy ride the soldier’s attack arrival before unexpectedly put those corpses is in the front of he or she’s phalanx a corpse wall, those war the horse be also been strong line of by them of led long the front of they’s phalanx.Thus the circumstance makes owner a surprised, know although with each other is opponent, just so-called person’s dead loan eliminates and faces the officers and men owners that falls in action on the battlefield to all have respect, the way of doing of courageous empire undoubtedly is in the Xie du wear the dead’s dignity.The second benefit on the grandstand one Zhang strikes table at the side of body to fall to sink a voice of say to Li Tai:”Prince’s his highness, after the event my needing your country am a reasonable explanation for me.”Who all listen to come out second benefit is to move true Nu, when the time comes Li Tai if can not tread for ownly being giving a se people of empire with perhaps courageous reasonable explanation canning not step the city half of a Caesar.The interrogation that faces second benefit, Li Tai also not from of wrinkled up eyebrows, Sun Mou also not is a first sky battlefield, taboo like this he can’t not know.And with Sun Mou usually of the behavior is to could not do an affair like this, does Sun Mou actually want to do what?If this continues to will make many Nus.

    Smell the speech gentleman see leave but bitter and astringent a say with smile:”Deal with the small parties like this is easy, can what kind of name?If what lend to all have no, put out the other party, sent army out without a righteous cause not to say, my valley would lend this to start revolt at fixing opponent affirmation of true alliance and say that we don’t worry a conation unification luxuriant far star in valley

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    ‘These papers were given to me by Sir Charles Baskerville,’said Dr Mortimer.’He asked me to take good care of them.You may remember that Sir Charles died suddenly three months ago.His death caused much excite ment in Devonshire,the county where Baskerville Hall is.Sir Charles was a sensible man,but he believed the story which is told in these papers.’

    The rock that”this speaks of come can the words are long ……” gold was small to open to pull several people to seek a piece sits down, then then beginning from at the beginning fall to a precipice to start speaking, had been making reference to oneself to just do of good matter-bombed out to lay siege to butchered dragging along of big dragon persons like thunder,etc, listen to Wei fingerling several people gape.

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    That day, the boy a person alone walked each street of small city.Dead hour, he just trails exhausted must the almost benumbed legs return to a home.He discovers that the window way of girl’s house is still bright a light.Print in the engaging sketch on the pink curtain don’t comb hair, just an on every occasion sit.The boy’s face starts having a fever again.He wants to knock the door of opening girl’s house and wants to say a point to the girl what.But, end, he but the have nothing at all do.He was already Gao Er’s student, hazy but different feeling and impulse, already at belong to inside the youthful body torment him for a long time.

    Li Jun this some kind of words that soliloquize a sort making the leaf sing the in the minds of breeze aren’t tastes very much, don’t his dreaming also think that this thus excellent girl will fall in love with himself/herself, but can oneself really accept Li Jun’s loves?Can oneself really forget that Wan,such as aqueous woman Xiao, to work properly Yun?The answer is obviously negative.The leaf in this time sings breeze again is rejoice thus he or she can not move, otherwise how does he face the woman that sobs for he.Sing breeze to feel his/her own lips at the leaf of this time up a cool, a lips with some cool ideas takes light fragrant print at his lips up.This lets the leaf sings to bomb in the head of breeze of lost thought a while, although Li Jun isn’t a first time to kiss him,the last time is that he basically doesn’t know under the circumstance of his confused state of mind, so completely can say that the beginning that is leaf to sing breeze kisses this time.

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    “President of association, medium lord in the village house, you misunderstood!He was all this appearance at ordinary times, didn’t hurt your meaning!”See ownly scheme could not reach, ship more lord in the house immediately and loudly shout a way, then turn head a household superior who order that new Pu five planets to leave.

    The gold is small to open to feel a dollar that the row mountain pours a sea sort of dint facing by himself/herself wildly flow out since then, more just contain the Tao murderous look in the sky in that dint!The gold is urgently small to open feeling under also can not consider of to cover up oneself strength, fiercely lift to gather oneself strength, for an instant, his four rank strength unexpectedly explodes 1 blare to ring and”bomb” ground a spread to go out from the small gold open the body, square the spaces of circle about 100 meters all cover with therein!

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    At a few personnels is armed to protect and bank official at the same time at the time that short circuit crashed, brain’s that eccentric quickly as lightning flash an once grasped two silver boxes, the body bottom squats down and”bomb” of an unexpectedly and in a twinkling bounce, carry secretly numerous piece of stones of ground crack, blunt sky of but rise!The strong strength pounds at a ground a half Chinese foot deeply shallow pit, the crushed stones falls thick and fasts, several personnels of surroundings protect in succession Yan noodles dodge.

    The encampment surroundings is a thick bush, inside not live the weird voice of spreading various each kind ring, also have let people’s afraid of wild beast rant, often there is still the ray of light of dark yellowish green color and dark red jumping up to twinkle, those are all various ray of light of that eyes of different monster send forth.

    The owner says:Execuse me, our salary is all so many.That isn’t a reason either, only is you Be not worth his breaking rules.

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    The color of afraid that sees three princes one faces, the Du flies to lightly hum a , immediately carry to pack collapsed and fainted car old man to outside walk to the Inn.When he walk to Inn doorway, jilted suddenly and backward a piece of thing, go straight to three princes but go.

    “I have already let the attendant deliver a set of clothes, in the bathroom!”The Du flies at this time of the voice suddenly after death ring out at her.

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    Henceforth 66 continuously and continuously have to otherly practice moral teachings an arrival, west the gram rush through to receive, the gold is small to open to then return to his/her own abode, started adjusting oneself’s status after closing a door.He ever since after the cloud road Di hole swallowed to work properly actually, have already had been being occupied in after avoid all person’s horses of track, always also have no to in time and cautiously inspect oneself for a while body to actually have what kind of variety, don’t know as well now and actually come to a what extent.

    The beard Sa doesn’t dare many words, hang a hand station in one side, pour is like a servant of honest duty.

    “Who ah?Fly one degree elder not at.”Hear the voice bomb Long of knock on door a voice, the voice of worry China rings out in the hole mansion, ” flies one degree elder already not at quite a few year, you still goes to another place!”

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    Have no falsely is just preparing to rather the Peng settle what criminal charges, let he very pleasurable several days, offense, but the Du flies to suddenly come out to turn down make him some caught unprepared, however also loosenned tone at the same time.Was deep and low face to flick the way of waving hand:”Since so, that for 133 squads stay to guard medium brigade encampment, five other troopses respectively seek group of islands establishment encampment.”Say the lord that finish to have no falsely and then from the big hall sat top and bottom, after jilting to walked into hall.

    Pondering is a burst of, the Du flies openings to ask a way:”I don’t have so many contributions to order and use to work properly how is stone balance of accounts?”

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    A person of the south section Er is still not enough with prop up to protect a cover since this, 2 people in England and Nana also all make moves to help and protect to cover the last sign line to by leap and bound revolve, the speed is more and more quick, till the last have already turned to make a way purple color of quickly passing time.Ray of light suddenly one Shan, whole protect cover together with inside of several thousand people all have already disappeared to be missing.

    “Hum, have no Dan ghost.Calculate, I or say this for you to gobble up a pit.”

    Way beginning of a reign year, leave the civilization center of Cang Luo in various living creature, some strong in the mankind after also starting lately look for well-ordered spread a person be recommended into generation sage, lead everyone to establish to belong to their legends together.

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    “Pa!Bomb-!”Two Zhangs almost is just on getting in touch with, burst out one Peng dazzling ray of light, the energy of mightiness wildly and fiercely the explosion opened.Explosion of the strength formed a diameter foot has 34 meters of huge light ball, play all of 2 people to open, is deep-fried the rattan that wrings to tie up in the ground at the same time a full sky of broken bitses, fill the air everywhere.

    The gold is small to open to lightly clap the arm of clapping two girls, was regarded as to comfort for a while, however at this time, the difference changes Tu rise!

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    This act, the Du flies to these”type person” suddenly interest to greatly living and in the sky adjust to turn a direction and far and far kept up with those”type person”.

    The Du out of thousand meters flies villa and finish seeing just fighting both with open and secret means of villa in the summer house inside

    Lin Mu Xue promises down, 2 people get up to wear clothes, this time inside, jade at male necessary again is led several handle knob habits, lane of Lin Mu Xue to jade at male this bad hand is again the love hate again.

    [url=]ralph lauren outlet store[/url] “How, how?”The gold is small to open to retreat two, don’t know this guy why the meeting suddenly grows crazy.

    Love a clean person, but it happened that clapped oneself full is the shoulders of blood stain, this is obviously very not in the right!

    Hear together together graceful stuffy to hum a voice, that younger brother Shi turns head a to see, then bad ruthlessly way:”Two of your legs all broke, don’t at struggle!”

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    That old complexion deadly pale slowly shook to shake head a way:”See appearance, you are the person of the thunder emperor Di hole …… have the thunder emperor already noticed our to act?……Is fantastic, is indeed as expected top-class to practice moral teachings.Hey, however you want thing perhaps and also have no so in brief!”

    Tang can the son see the shy appearance of Qian Xiao Qing, know oneself again keep on flirting she makes not will escape of, hence resume to seriously say:”Is all right, you have to ask what, is still a little bit more concrete better, I can also give you the answer for hasing already aimed at sex and say first well, this choice is your own choice, I just do a little very small analysis, absolutely can’t interfere with your choice, and I can’t help you, either inform your meaning of, this needs yourself the going to say for otaku in person just quite a few, I do so also for the sake of how are you, you want if you say in person, the otaku affirms will be more painful yours, you have to know that you are to do so great sacrifice.”

    “This was the place that the Du flies their craftiness, ” drive Hao square the fairy repeatedly interrupt words, very helpless in the pure source heart, however he is respectully still an answer way, “after leaving a big camp, they didn’t immediately escape a black Ze star, but sought a to hiddenly hid, even if is our fairies to make, don’t also search.Afterwards after it’s a to fix the person’s horse and variation person whom the true alliance garrisons a space to put together Dou, they just take advantage of an opportunity to escape.Makes according to the fairy realizing at that time leader Pei dollar speech, when they realized that the changes right away arrived to, but the variation person’s airship that saw a to far go, and at that time the speed of the airship, they basically made track for shot to cannot compare with, could return upward noodles to do a report, didn’t arouse the above value.”

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    The leaf sings breeze to ashamedly toward Li Jun to say:”Let you laugh.”Li Jun stretched hand slightly slightly pendent hair to say with smile:”Nothing important, I feel to have a friend like this to is a very happy affair.”The leaf sings breeze clear one silk seeing Li Jun while saying this sentence the flash across in the look in the eyes fall the color of Mo, although is very quick and then kept on covering up, the leaf sings breeze to deeply feel that Li Jun definitely has to belong to her own story.Thought of my leaf’s singing breeze is almost a Hao don’t hesitate of blurt out:”If you not mind we would like to do your friend, in fact this kind of is happy to leave you also not is very far.”Li Jun hears raising head of surprise looking at a leaf to sing breeze after this words, be him to see the leaf sing breeze that sincere look in the eyes say with a smile:”Thank you!”This words completely is languages utmost sincerity.Leaf after singing the smiling face that the breeze sees Li Jun also not from of smiling and passing own left hand go out.Li Jun also smiled to stretch own left hand to go out.When 2 people’s hands hold to arrive together of time the leaf sing breeze to feel Li Jun’s hand is soft if have no bone, don’t feel one own left hand of concuss, quickly taking back in the heart.Steal to see to go, Li Jun’s cheeks is suffused with to have one silk red and dizzy, see the leaf sing breeze to hope to come over vision to quickly be partial to overdo go to.

    “Ha ha, the great white crane true person also just considers the case as it stands just, didn’t aim at your meaning.”True Nu and affectation wear exasperation, distinguish naturally by the eyesight that the Du flies clear, so immediately transfer a topic way in good time, ” surprisingly three yearses disappear, you from a the slightest didn’t fix for of ordinary mortal, suddenly shake a body on becoming the big superior whom the gold Dan expects, this is absolutely a miracle!”

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    Tang can son a listen to jade by himself/herself the glorious record of events after the male’s words know can not also escape is gone fetch by him to say a matter, however jade at male since would not like to close, she didn’t also force, oneself anyway and the jade have never turned off a light to once do again at the male, afraid of.

    Quick bottom machine of time, he suddenly says to me:I send you to return to dormitory good?

    That person doesn’t live to every where conjecture and seem at judge oneself to actually be placed in a what kind of environment in.

    [url=]polo ralph lauren outlet[/url] ‘That cruel devil Stapleton has beaten her,’Holmes said.’Put her into a chair.’Miss Stapleton had fainted from the beating and exhaustion.As we put her into the chair,she opened her eyes.


    Chapter 39 gold A corpse

  34. [url=]cheap polo ralph lauren[/url] “Give I again take 50,000,000 counters to come over!”Looking at Du to fly of challenge of look in the eyes, the small male respected two hair violent winds, the under charge immediately towarding after death roared a way.

    The jade knows at the male person at wait for of is the hardest to carry on in the process of, world now isn’t this time that appearance, hence the jade says at the male:”You can seek an owner to try and ask,

    The old gets a shock and jumps up to stay away, at the same time ray of light of right hand one Shan, one noodles appears without basis like the crystal stone shield similar thing, hard the awl blocking at that light is previous!

    “Is vulgar and mean!”The gold is small to open to in time curse and scold a , the peal being after death spread interrupt.The lo wears those wear black battle armor, like hair qing of the wild elephants generally hurtle three ranks coming over to gobble up, gold small progressive white at this time seem not too suitable to they preach reason, even if oneself says “we just pass by of, isn’t the person whom you have to make track for” to them, perhaps also having no 1 will listen to into.

    [url=]polo ralph lauren coupons[/url] “Be, be!”Hear someone take the lead, everyone matches a way in succession.

    Have no excessive long time, distance snow is also finally awake to come over.After knowing and having already got into seven Yao cities smoothly, distance snow is very happy, oneself several people’s some kind of pains finally didn’t waste at least.No matter work properly actually have much difficult seek, this always returning is a good beginning.

    BE he develops of that signs a square rice space inside, at the right moment didn’t put thing.But the Du met while flying to work properly to know to get in touch with a ring of resistance, should be the spirit that Ma Dong leaves in the ring to print to record, Ma Dong’s mentality only the Du fly of 1/1000 was strong, certainly could not held up against.As for Ma Dong gets hold of a ring in times before and just prints spirit to record Lao to go in after several years, that because, although ring originally of the host are dead, can his mentality is too huge, send forth several years just the dissipation complete, this just Ma Dong has the opportunity that the Lao spirit prints to record.

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    Charles’ death.She knew about the hound,and when Selden died she guessed that the hound had killed him.She knew her husband had the hound at their house on the night Sir Henry came to dinner.They argued about the hound that evening,and as they argued Stapleton told her about Mrs Lyons.Any love she had for her husband disappeared at that moment.He knew that she want ed to help Sir Henry,so he beat her and tied her up.

    The gold is small to open to speak this matter to the Wei fingerling and distance snow, they 2’s pouring is to have no opinion, anyway ability several colleagues are also good matters.

    Iron,such as crazy eye, sees oneself 4,200 heavy ride the soldier has already had a half to die unnatural death in the middle of killing brutally each other, immediately burning with anger, sees he toward those heavy ride a soldier to greatly drink a way:”Dou absolute being belongs to to immediately stop, your enemy at right ahead, go forward!”Iron,such as crazy voice, not and it may be said not big, even listen to the persons on the grandstand of clear, but those heavy ride a soldier but seem and elsewhere and in two worlds similar, basically out of hearing iron is like crazy voice.See the soldiers whom oneself shouted two times of he or shes don’t respond, see own a to soldier pours at the they person’s weapon under, iron such as wildly gross out any further.Sees the heavy sword that he by hand win a clap to fight facing horse that to set out from the war knife of cloud hang to hurtle.

    [url=]ralph lauren outlet[/url] “You of the major just exterminated the thing of that myriad people brigade to just come toward our base!”Other a few monitor members also fished for at this time, however they unwillingly can also maintain a town to settle and make collective report a way toward Carter and the major staff officer.

    “Ha ha ha, say so much to say so much, have what problem though you lift!”

    Touched touch own nose, the Du flew Song to shrug shoulders also not speech, moved forward to walk into cave.

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    “The self-discipline wood water fire three fasten inborn true spirit, wait until three in a flash that the true spirit creation quality changes of fastennings, will three fasten true spirit to return Long together, in the body according to going achievement the route rove around to squeeze and squeeze into extreme limit, then creation work properly burning!”The meditation wears a creation to work properly a burning method, the Du flies to start absorbing since the Mi spread is gathering to work properly the water wood in two to fasten spiritual influence and fire to fasten magic, calm down the a moment that need to be worn mutated.

    Du’s flying has already seen at this time

    “The Du flies, Z the people!”The Du flies consumedly the ground sit down and took a look two other persons, ” are you also a small R originally?”

    [url=]jeremy scott bones[/url] “Ha ha, just three ten star classes as follows of evolution body, do so!”The member of team who before become speechless also return to absolute being at this time and smile an approval way, and to the Du fly the member of team whom 3 people disdain to don’t also have objection, 3 people then manipulate later on machine A’s difference to fly 3 people to rush toward toward the Du.

    The green bird is excited that the location nods, she at 1:00 also not doubt the gold is small to open say of words.

    “Say you why the ability quickly wide awake from the spirit cast a glamour, I give you happy of dead method!”See the small male respect a farmland to hope oneself, the Du flew to again smile to smile and gently said.

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    Ground fire monster Jing after the shot broke that fire snake, immediately and then sank into fire snake under of absorb water like a cake of among the wildfire ball of the sponge sort start with sudden force and absorb among that wildfire ball of calories, even it is still absorbing surroundings those already broken up fire snake soul, don’t live ground to change own body.

    I began to understand some of Holmes’ plan.When Sir Hen ry received the telegram sent by Holmes’ boy,he would think that we had arrived in London.He would tell Stapleton,who would then also believe that we were far away from Baskerville Hall.In fact,we would be very close in case Sir Henry needed us.

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    “Ha ha ha ha ha ha~!”Distance snow cans not consider of to maintain his/her own cold facial expression any further, the Wu wears belly to pour at leather chair up keep smiling.”Be subjected to, can not stand ……gold classmate, you return be really well have fun, will thought of to sing this song.”

    The thunder hat dark wears a face way:”The achievement method of self-discipline that we are evil to bite will have certain of dangerous this is right, but progressive speed up want far to generally flow parties than you of quickly up several!With you these two hair head does the boy also want to point hand painting feet to me?Hum!”

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    The card card adds and the ice eye puzzle of have never thought a small conference of gold to ask a such a question towards seeing one eye, obviously.In their imagination, also think that the small gold conference inquires the situation concerning absolute being act.

    That white dress young girl is indeed as expected an acquaintance, exactly once tracking on the earth the small gold opened of ice eye!The gold is small to open to clearly remember, this ice eye is the member of absolute being act organization, oneself at the beginning under the disguise of pole the ice after believing in Wu Leng Yai in the Zhang door’s looks explored to know from the ice eye that once wearing is black to work properly boundary into the road of the space of Ding in a sky.

    “What is the mechanics ?Sorcery?”

    [url=]jeremy scott wings[/url] “Is quite good, because I discover there is still inside your body a thing, ability to current of you creation help.”The fire tooth lightly says.

    Every ability

    Arrive to all the way if the rat cries piteously of place, at the moment Du’s flying noodles has already sunk like water, the just pleased idea has no the slightest.If the rat is this guy, unexpectedly dare to escape him to row the next water!Who say that guy timidity, does the timidity dare to also escape?

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    That guy actually runs to where go to?

    Outer circle still such, be placed in the Du of two kinds of worlds truth collision to fly and any respects true 2 personses, drive strong energy wave moment the shot fly.Very at this time Du’s flying those four space cracks of surroundings have been already disappeared, otherwise under the impact of energy wave, he by all means drive sharp-edged of the space crack pare into two halfs!

    “I don’t know as well.”Took a look an elder sister, if summer the Xi licked to add some lips for becoming dry and equally hesitated ground to say.

    [url=]ralph lauren outlet online[/url] At the beginning the week is small beautiful to fly to earn some money in the hand in the Du, afraid suddenly sudden wealth recruit a disaster because of the 財 , then negotiate to change an environment with mother, 3 people in the last immigrate to come to Hong Kong.

    Peng the good natural intelligence of those pupils that they accept, be suffused with to have a mind in the heart.

    The war being terror but vehemence almost demolishes the whole world all and thoroughly, and from the margin of by volume top, the Earth the mankind are strong encountered deathblow, at other race of cooperate to snuff out under, almost dead and injured almost exhausted, wretched and matchless.

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    “Is all space mankind of Qin Di of some commonnesses, although the whole life came down and then naturally own one ranked real strenght,exist in this spaced, this kind of strength was still too weak ……” however orchid degree how could not imagine as well, the gold is small the top opening a body to unexpectedly still have to so much gobble up a pit.

    Chapter 47 Chen Jia(next)

    Chapter 1 space turbulent flow(up)

    [url=]cheap nike jerseys[/url] Tang can son just on the interest head, how probably so easy pass Qian Xiao Qing, Tang can the son say:”Do not urgently, I just made you go to bed, you still say what come, this time rushes into and goes to bed and returned be really of.”

    Wait three five planetses strong follow “corpse road” to walk to the back of inside in the graduate school, detection again the end of that”corpse road”, the Du flies positive with one personal confrontation, but that person is raising data is discarding a liquid slot sky, gesticulate desire to throw.

    There is hope in”this is we these years find out of some ways that get into Vatican ……” heart, Ai Luo immediately becomes to actively get up, from the cupboard in turn over much data, put in the Du to fly and ducal in front in Niger spoke.

  41. “BE who?!”

    The If our love had to be set a time limit, the I wish it would be 10,000 years!

    “That’s right.”The red hair earnest location nods.

    “Boon.”The summer blares snow point to nod should a , then sit properly according to speech.

    “You pour is say, you is be not have again what scheme, oneself says, I ain’t so cheat of, you how can drive they give

    Although the wrath in heart is booming,the Du flies have no

    Monster person big current like a wave of billow, will whole lived area to flush time and time again, the smell of fresh blood fills the air in the whole space, even seeming to be airs is a bit light blood-red color.

    Wear often ring out one to bellow, added one silk for this bushy forest uncanny.

    “How is that result?”Five worry in uncertainties in the elder hearts have already slowly released to be pregnant under the explanation that Du fly just, listen to now the Du fly to make reference to important place, the unbearable openings asks a way.

    The boy starts the telephone of searching the girl.Finally found out a telephone, wanted to the girl and say clearly ……but ……but encountered up to 100 of refuse to answer the phone.Delivered a N message to have to a words……

    The gold is small to open

  42. Remember, silent is gold.

    “Do not recognize old no longer go, connect to seal to more leave, also admit that oneself is getting older, we, say nothing of.”The Xiang madam also follows to sigh 1.

    Tang can son at present be regarded as be really made to take at the male by the jade, the so-called thing is very necessarily anti- to is this meaning, now Tang can son already be regarded as upright reputations all drive jade at male to ruin, so is simply what

    Ao of battlefield war of both parties seem some fatigue, fight of the earthquake intensity lower gradually

    This shot, direct from nine day on, bombed into 10 grounds in, directly penetrated palace grounds of of separate, strong strength, anyones all praise highly for it.

    Etc. finishes tidying up those three big fellows and around join a crowd for fun of after person break up in a hubbub, Qian Jing also still annoys to shout that the ground sits Du to once fly a body side, one mouthful will at hand and just she closed lightly around to still remain while packing fair lady much”hot sun Hao sun” poured into throat inside.

    Imitating the Buddha is to feel under of vitality violent motion, the whole numerous different monsters that the canyon existses all start rashness moving, in succession of facing other places escape.The gold is small to open to feel some scared Dans of Zhan, nearby can see various different monsters everywhere at him, the body figures are all huge and matchless, even he still saw a group of Jiao whales also flee elsewhere in the madness.

    “!”Listen to the Du fly so on saying, Lin Hai’s genius suddenly head in the location is in response to the way.He listen to those people say that they come from Wu Meng, but have no certificate, is really an enemy to send come of, that oneself hands over chip to go out is it the sheep that go into dangerous spot?Thought of here, in the heart of Lin Hai Tian to the Du fly not from a burst of appreciate, want to maintain chip by himself/herself in this elder generation so much, otherwise he handed over to those persons who declared to is a martial alliance the day before yesterday!

    ” Daddy, forget an elder brother, I came back.”Wu Tian is considering whether let forget to carry on doing obeisance a teacher gift, finish washing clothes of the jade shouted to walk into family.

    “Don’t tell other groups, ” any respects the true person smells the speech shake to shake head, “even if you said, they couldn’t believe, either, because the Du flies is also the early monk of a dollar baby at the same time!He is thing double xiu!”


  43. At present, often exist people thing within heart to have three kinds:Conviction, hope and love, but love among them is the most important!

    “So you, a person who is engaged in science work, believe that this thing is being more than to is natural-from another world since then of guy?”The Holmes asks a way.

    “You are this Han goods, beard state, you untie that Liao Kao, don’t damage!”Smiling to scold beard righteousness is a , the Du flies then the life idea more careful beard state to solve Liao Kao.

    “Teacher, circumstance how?”The Du flies a to walk into association hall, the facing has been already arrived to of teacher Louis Si master inquiry way.

    “Do not go, the person who must wait our captain parties to receive arrived again say!”Is a head that big fellow for way Doctor Ge’s suggestion even have already wanted to don’t think and then directly refuse.

    Chapter 1 holds for ransom empty boat(bottom)

    Come, know that he before had some to think certainly.

    The gold is small to open to pull sea the Si Be fierce to hurtle out from the space passage, at they after death, the passage is suddenly ground to split into numerous fragments, all of that are the space crack that is split into pieces to open, have a few slices sliced a gold small open of in the body, like quick knife general row his body up a few deep it is thus clear that the wound of bone

    Fill to receive a self-effacing way:”Sea Si adult and thunder emperor adult are sworn enemieses, so I just think that you are the under charge of thunder emperor adult ……”

    , This is falsely Tang can the personality place of son, this is also the jade to like Tang at the male can a part of the son.

    After clearing the pursuing troops in the sky, the gold was small to open to take the murderous look of whole body, drove a police car to all the way roar and shout to leave the mountain downtown is often!Under the cope of night of heavy star gradually concealed go, don’t know that when the built-up dark cloud covered with the sky on.There is unclearly a roll of thunder spreading, seem to there is rainy evidence.

  44. The so-called felling enriches of person, probably exactly experience a needy person.

    The history is boundless, have how much person pursue long living, and then have how much person once overlord among states world, dominant momentary, but finally and generally however is Wei water autumnal winds, Shu way cold cloud.But have again how many lives before the not known to public, but the clay-cold reputation Qiao rise and shake the whole world, spread to cantillate eight square?Only because didn’t draw in historical eddy, only enjoy own of carefree cloud, do one”the plum wife crane son”

    “This how many days isn’t that meal what I please?”The Du flies some depressedly roared a , also followed door.

    The fatty pig week hears the jade saying right away in the male’s Hao speech:”This not too may, because we have no white shark here, the habitat of white shark not at we is here, however pour is probably snare a whale be.”

    “I am full, we leave!”Six green drive small fight a , see again the Du fly to eat flavorfully, some in anger Rang Rang get up.


    Yao area two hand 1:”Is a lot of?I feel already seldom.We are all the way continuously accepting Long those scatter in this space of practice moral teachings, also have a parts be all killed by the big summer clansmen, leave of mostly is disappearance.”

    The Du that looking at complexion pallor flies, skin the fun in the heart greatly rise and say with smile:”See the fire that you just sent out Long Bao, believe that your Class also attained four stars, unfortunately you didn’t come of and study 9, 10 class sorceries, otherwise can also result in some troubles for me.The next life remembers that look for enemy before, best Dian quantity know own real strenght!”Say skin then stood sword to hurtle to come over, the Dou spirit on the sword greatly put, the moment is bright to make surrounding none of person be had eyes by the Mi.

    “Younger generation already thoroughly the gold basin wash hands, now and the escort in the manor build up gang in the game together and kill strange extend site to also be easy to have fun!”Hear the Du fly inquiry, wolf demon not from a bit excited.

    Chapter 89 Xuan frost

    Just you but have been insisting,

  45. Of pay the love of, this is my mother’s love, this be I the story of mother’s love that get there from my mother, I will collect as treasure this story a lifetime.

    The gold is small to open to smile to shake to shake head, way:”The superior is a lot of, and all dint hole holes be all untied now, the world dollar dint suddenly and violently increases, again many some superiors are also light loose affairs ……”

    “Ha ha, chief executive Tung also sits here today, since president Li thinks that this matter is our reaching of summer house to sink, that pleases very good-looking see this providing a phrase!Have among them give by five days African some mercenary soldier regiment transfer CNY 10,000,000 of information, but this time we arrest of the another bind bandit head of group, is that a honor and duties of servant’s large unit captain!”See Li Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Xun tear open a face, the summer blares snow also no longer hide Yi, directly used the last shot!


    “This time platform match loses war, my star very believe in have already become other each eyesores of partieses, their desire in addition to it is and then quick, ” flies in the Du of the look in the eyes signal hint under, the China strict station comes out facing many stars believe in a pupil way very much, “luckily China Wei believe in of believe in lord elder generation kindness, would like to take in my star pole one vein, just make Ru etc. able to leave life.”Make reference to here, China is strict to slowly aim at a star to believe in very much public release the Wei power of diverted period monk, lightly cough one- track, ” reads and the star believe in the circumstances in nowadays very much, and the Du believes in main special kindness, I decide to believe in a star to merge into China Wei to believe in very much, don’t know that everyone can have an opinion?”

    Have never flown Du to carry toward to entertain guest to use of big hall, four elders directly ordered the public security driving to drive electric cell car grounds.But at this time, several big elders and main small male in the house of elder hospital respect a farmland, all drive just four elders to the roaring cry that the Du flies disturb, residence together brushed ground to come out respectively, hope to drive into the electric cell car of grounds.

    Moreover a white man already year near middle age, a pair of eyes of bluish green colors at he that emaciated face up often twinkle, project in fine threads of the color of craftiness, hear after the get excited of companion, then export comfort a way:”There is how can no opportunity?Leave that what labor and management the general assembly still have nine days and say again, even if those Z country financial groups won the championship, we can also continue to loot a technique from them, believe at that time should be more easy!”Make reference to here, peeped out a silk to get a color on the middle age white man face, ” as I see it, not only we come to Z country to face sea this time, those E country the big stupid bear came a lot and in addition had some the small dwarf of R country.Our three squares in, perhaps count the small dwarf of those R countries the most anxious!Is also good, let them sound out the defence capabilities of Z country for us!”

    That ash dress old just thinking ask again, suddenly two shadow of human figures jumped out from the entrance to cave of that cave, those 2 people is exactly be killed by the monster to hurt of Hong with Wei.The ash dress old eyes a bright, faced up:”Is two ……”

    “This Yao, the rulers of each space contain their own plan.”The orchid degree is also a bit helpless, way:”Politics, economy, and power and influence…etc. ……if want to be peaceful, some things by all means will have loss.Is a bit much less to accumulate animus from fought the thing that loosed to stay after, up to now, old grudge already backlog to the degree that has to pass war to release extent, if by this time someone throw one that is real of history, perhaps and immediately will result in a turmoil in Qin Di’s space and Ding space in the sky.”

    The at the shore of heart where I have roots, at my love deeply cover up of the shore of heart

    Hear this voice, thin way person’s immediately recognizing is the R country emperor who escapeds yesterday to endure, thought to he is two gold Dan period monks that got Wu Meng go to assembly hall after, just arrive at made reprisals here of!There is this kind of viewpoint, the thin way person secretly saw flying of a look in the eyes color equanimity one degree elder generation and sighed a way in the heart:”This unlucky guy, this year is his this life year?”

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