Little Hands working towards Big Changes


Rachel, Sponsored Child

Taguig City, Philippines

February 21, 2013

Rachael, age 14, has been sponsored through Save the Children for four years. Rachael has been actively involved in development and life-skills activities organized by Save the Children for adolescents. Through these and other trainings, she has learned how to facilitate learning activities, and advocate for children’s rights and development through involvement in CRC training and monitoring. She also participates in the Urban Gardening Project which aims to help produce food items that could meet the food needs of supplemental school feeding.

PHCO Rachael asking a question_rszIt has been four years since Save the
Children’s Sponsorship Program first made its way to my village. Their presence
brought big changes, not only within our community and among my fellow youth,
but also in me.

Along with the physical transformations
I went through as part of growing up, I also experienced big changes in the
mental, emotional and social aspects of my life which helped me to develop and thrive.
At my young age and in my own simple way of living, I did not notice that Save
the Children has contributed so much, not only to the people in my community,
but to me as well.

Together with the seminars I attended in
far-off places came the expansion and deepening of my understanding of the
various things happening in our society. With the continuous mental development
these activities brought, I learned about the rights of children like me. With
this knowledge, we can now fight for our rights, defend ourselves and prevent
or at least lessen the discrimination that we are experiencing that is
currently widespread in our society. 

PHCO During school vacationIn learning about these rights, I am
able to help others by sharing what I know, how I feel and also, by sharing the
experience of the youth who are not protected from various forms of abuse. I am
able to help others and this is why I am very happy that I have become part of
this program.

I believe that children
can help bring about change and progress in ourselves, in other people and in
our society through our simple way and with our little hands.

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