Syria Crisis: Refugees Pour in to Za'atari

Anonymous man
Faris Kasim,
Information & Communications Coordinator 

Za’atari Refugee camp in Jordan on the
Syrian border

February 11, 2013

“This is an exodus! Nearly 22,000 people have come
into the camp in the past week, 6,000 alone in the past two days.” 

people are arriving with just the clothes on their back. They fled for their
lives, unable to grab anything from their homes. I’ve seen women covering
themselves only with a large shawl and children without shoes.”

is how one Save the Children worker at Za’atari, the largest Syrian refugee
camp in Jordan, described the crisis to me as I arrived at the camp.

52066 Zaatari

camp population has recently soared to 60,000 people – a 20 percent increase
since the start of the year.

is turning into a small town. There are shops opening on the side of the camp’s
main road, set up by refugees themselves, as well as small eateries, coffee
shops, barbers and stalls selling food, clothes and other household items.

a high vantage point, one can see endless rows of tents, interspersed with
toilets, schools and distribution centers.

the Children is working to help the thousands of children living in the refugee
camps. So many girls and boys need caring people to support Save the Children’s
response efforts. Please give generously to our Syria Children in Crisis Fund.