Every Beat Matters


Mary Beth Powers, Newborn & Child Survival Campaign Chief

Washington, DC 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 

Who doesn’t love a song with
a great beat?  How about a beat that can help save children’s lives? 
OneRepublic’s new single “Feel Again” has both.

We’re so excited about the
release of this song this week.  It’s a hit in the making and was actually
inspired by real heartbeats of children in Guatemala and Malawi.  Listen
closely as the track opens, and you will hear one of these heartbeats. 
What’s more, when you download the song, a portion of the proceeds will benefit
Save the Children.

In the coming weeks,
OneRepublic will help us roll out our new Every Beat Matters campaign
for newborn and child survival.  You can already make a difference by
visiting EveryBeatMatters.org to
download the song and join the campaign.

Every Beat Matters is focused on giving every child the chance to
survive.  The campaign showcases the frontline health workers who are key
to making that possible in communities around the world.  With proper
support, these local heroes can prevent and treat the major causes of 7 million child deaths each year.  These
include pneumonia, diarrhea and malaria–illnesses that are rarely fatal for
children in the United States.   

We hope you’ll stay in touch
so we can share news, stories and tools you can use to help children
survive.  The best way is to like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/EveryBeatMatters
and to follow @EveryBeat on Twitter. 

Please join us if you believe
that every child’s heartbeat matters!


  1. Every beat is important, because it helps in survival for a new born baby, which results in healthy life.

  2. What’s more, when you download the song, a portion of the proceeds will benefit Save the Children.

  3. when you download the song, a portion of the proceeds will benefit Save the Children.

  4. download the song, a portion of the proceeds will benefit Save the Children.

  5. Listen closely as the track opens, and you will hear one of these heartbeats. What’s more, when you download the song, a portion of the proceeds will benefit Save the Children.

  6. Listen closely as the track opens, and you will hear one of these heartbeats. What’s more, when you download the song, a portion of the proceeds will benefit Save the Children.

  7. Listen closely as the track opens, and you will hear one of these heartbeats. What’s more, when you download the song, a portion of the proceeds will benefit Save the Children.

  8. Listen closely as the track opens, and you will hear one of these heartbeats. What’s more, when you download the song, a portion of the proceeds will benefit Save the Children.

  9. These include pneumonia, diarrhea and malaria–illnesses that are rarely fatal for children in the United States.

  10. Listen closely as the track opens, and you will hear one of these heartbeats. What’s more, when you download the song, a portion of the proceeds will benefit Save the Children.

  11. Listen closely as the track opens, and you will hear one of these heartbeats. What’s more, when you download the song, a portion of the proceeds will benefit Save the Children.

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  14. What’s more, when you download the song, a portion of the proceeds will benefit Save the Children.

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  20. i believe that every child’s heartbeat matters and thanks to these the frontline health workers.

  21. I think every beat is important, because it helps in survival of new babies.

  22. I applaude the Every Beat Matters program. Having the potential to stop 7 million deaths a year is remarkable, they have my full support.

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