What it means to have friends abroad

Bolivia headshotElena Morales, Basic Educator Program

Save the Children, Boliva

June 8, 2012 

My name is Elena Morales and I am an educator working in the “Wawakunawan Purina” program, which means “We Walk With the Childhood”. This is a sponsorship-funded program implemented in the outskirts of Cochabamba, Bolivia.

I support the School of San Francisco, located in the neighborhood Villa Sebastian Pagador. This neighborhood has a high migrant population, most residents come from other cities in Bolivia. The school has 926 children, many of whom are sponsored through Save the Children.

The children are very happy when they find out they are going to have a friend abroad and many wait for their sponsor’s letters with great anticipation.

One example is of a 12-year-old girl named America. This year she received a letter from her friend in the U.S. When she read the name of her new friend she shouted, "I have a friend in the United States!" The other children asked her why she was so excited. With pride she explained that her sponsor wrote a letter and that he knows her by her picture. This makes America feel special.

Elena Morales and America

What fills me with such great satisfaction is that "Wawakunawan Purina" allows boys and girls to have the opportunity for a better education and integrated formation without any type of discrimination.

This is how Save the Children contributes to each child, community, and country: through the creation of capable citizens who can reach their goals in life.

Watch America and her friends jump rope

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    The knife hero takes something with a grain of salt to hum a way:”You pour is dare not to my explanation!Down stairs of, all order for my calmness!Lao Tze this is voluntarily go upstairs, loudly appeal to the public small call of, really his mama throws a person!”

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    Soon came right away to face in the evening, the glorious beginning projected light upon by purple sun was gradually obscure, two clean new moon beginnings rise from the another head of, give became a dark world to throw on gradually 1 F very thin silver yarn.Each base of in the city wall but is that the one is bright, because have a pair wings the angel to be exclusively responsible for displaying light to fasten to illuminate Shu, base thousand meters inside of the scope completely cover with under the one golden light, if isn’t to will soon take place to fight at this time, the golden light like this goes together with with the heavy star on the sky, it is a very beautiful landscape to pour!

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    Seal a Ling to push away

    Increase gradually along with six scars on “killer whale” bodies, they double the red within eyes slowly kept on backing and laid siege to their fingerlings under the sistuation that the dodge cannot compares with, also death and harm some.

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    Two tempers all put here, so the jade is lovely affirmation for talking aspect at ordinary times also some places have no so advertent, the jade is lovely is also a little bit consumedly of female kid, the personality is morely like a male kid similar, so affirmed some places to talk to work don’t notice so many circumstances under, stimulating a 2 Bs that is almost need not guess and then can thought of.

    “Hum, wood old ghost, the leg is long on me, want to go and then go to, have you what say so much!”Although know that this is the arousing of wood Huai its method, car Xuan the station have already flown meaning for Du as well by himself/herself, straight-tempered then ironize 1, expressed an attitude.

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    Hui light for this set of still have many bottoms of, hands transformation write print definitely, a very small lotus bud rises in the oneself body ascension, on in multiple layers folding to add together, the sword spirit runs into a bud, is very naturally sprunged in the past, in this small world, the Hui only wanted to become a period of time, should reckon without.

    “Boon.”Be flown so on saying by the Du, the Ni can immediately have no previous upset, once the spirit flap and also returned to oneself room to contemplate.

    The 撌 Qiao leads long the Qian Liu Yong to float

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    Get out of my face. Disappear from my in front!You piss me off. You grieved me

    “Good evening!”Be fixed to just condemn to make mood a bit not good, Annie after changing the shape of returning the big elder lightly said a , then walk to return to bedroom.

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    Just the Du flies dollar the baby’s cerebellum bag discover after working properly cave to stretch out sky that the speed that the spiritual influence runs off is very quick, so just have never dared to how stop over and then retracted a purple mansion.Feel now that a dollar baby condensed a lot, estimate if leave a body again, the spiritual influence runs off of speed affirmation will consumedly decelerate, probably this is a Qiao period the reason that the dollar baby can leave an essence!

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    “That you spend of money be also getting tooer many!”Slowly the aunt still feels that the Du flies some to suffer a los.

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    “My common speech ……very general, but I believe ……I can work well ……this work!”Although the common speech says utter, that girl peeped out the self-confidence of full face.

    Section 397 Tang Hu’s responsibility asks

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    Inheritted us research medicine the graduate school in the virus, our researcher’s death and harm greater half!”After waiting until all persons who attend meeting to arrive together, is then declared a general assembly beginning by the strange pair president of association, then directly spoke to hold a meeting this time of main reason.

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    The fruit is very serious!” The voice of radicle Si suddenly of the ear spread from the database Po and take a kind of ice in the mild words cold to the bone kill an idea.

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    After”is not ……” saint absolute being blurts two words, suddenly some hesitant, end just way:”The mankind had 100 absolute being at that time, the evil monster and Long Zu also had ten several absolute being.”

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    The Hui far nods:”Listenned to lately teacher once say, I still especially the idea checked relevant evil kind of the data for a while, regrettable, there is no an understand parlance.”

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    “Eldest brother Chen, elder brother’s wife, you came back!”Come out side room, the Du flies to hope a full face

    However after waiting Du to fly a facial expression to mildly counter-question, the Zou ocean suddenly discovers an at present person general like the common run of people, basically can not tell to fix at 1:00 for.

    Jump, he has never thought this guy unexpectedly thus cruel, living to swallow to live a person, see appearance indeed as expected is among the desert of a kind of fierce monster.

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    “Ah ……” Du flew to stick a lane to live slowly aunt, can once read university of Xu Ting but isn’t so cheat, Zhang Kou wants to explain a moment, but sees Du to fly to beat an expression of eyes, then the words of the side swallowed to return to.

    “Use space dish.They don’t know as well where made a few space dishes of big capacity, have already moved out those crystal containers all.”Fill air Yu of the noodles of Ni Er Yu, sigh a way:”I let this got into a saint palace for guy, really don’t know father will how punish me.”

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    “Word?Do I still think that that am the wood grain.”

    That youth peeps out a kind and genial smiling face and opens a way to the small gold:”Is surprisingly can also see a superior in this kind of place, really make people’s idea surprisingly.The name of remaining is sea Si, don’t know that how to call this small brothers?”

    Yao area gentleman king the surprisingly gold is small to open will put him one horse, hesitated a way:”There being no crystal stone of a dollar dinting can also, you literally take an another crystal stone of a cake of act for, I only exist by the status of spirit body now, the energy that needs seldom can keep on maintaining.”

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    -His body imitates a Buddha is melt with that golden light integral whole, the gold of soul body status is small to open how to can not also return to.

    Drive to return to orphanage, the Du flies to took a look time, just many at 10:00 in the morning

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    “Is the supplies that the feeling believes in also short of?I still think does the dint only believe in so!”See Peng cloud an of speech the meaning for showing just, the Du flies the viewpoint of seeing with half an eye the other party and greatly settles in the heart, later on but the desire capture past the Zong ground say, ” unfortunately at under with thou way the friend have already had engagement, otherwise ……alas!”

    “You didn’t°yet chain machine, how can have promoting of state?”Be flown by the Du a to ask, car Xuan station’s opening eyes has never liked spirit ground to say.

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    “Ha ha, is really that the sky help me also, Mr. Du is really rain in time!”A see the Du fly, Kui especially use a strange chamber strange the common speech adjusting shout a way and come up to fly for Du to come to embrace each other a gift.

    ”Finish saying, finish a dew to lightly smile a , lightly turned a decorations on the wall, then the Du fly and then feel a foot a burst of vibration, the floor of the surroundings two meters square starts next sink, after waiting until the top of head that the Du flies to completely sink into an underground, prepare at underground of the floor of a piece of and same size then repaired to fill up, from outside to see, the whole temple of the gods hall resumed original appearance again, as if Du’s flying have never come.

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  82. “Think a some matters?”For the great white crane true person’s answer, the brocade spot deliberated for a while, don’t understand its idea of point, can smile to transfer a topic way, ” great white crane elder sister Shi, in a couple of days fairyland emperor Ge wants to hold once city with each other, not if I accompany you to left for and see to have what practice moral teachings a helpful product to elder sister Shi.”Finish saying to fear the true person of great white crane doesn’t promise, then the Shan smiled to repair a , ” is original I still think that elder sister Shi closes the border affirmation to miss this time with each other city, unexpectedly elder sister Shi the just right close, this is the heaven’s will!”

    Is allied!

    The fracture produced by Zhao Xu Di crack Shu tightly makes track for to retreat of seven Dou privates, the rambling rose sees the speed of that fracture more and more quick, if don’t hold up it, perhaps with this sorcery can the shot Kui is all people.Thought of my sorcery Zhang in the rambling rose hand lightly wields, method Zhang the space of the top fastens a precious stone to gleam a mysterious glow-in-the-dark, the space fastenned sorcery space to fold to hold up that along with the glow-in-the-dark more and more big, more and more quick fracture.Sees that light silver light on appearing in that fracture front, that fracture imitated a Buddha to be subjected to what draw on to generally sign change direction, facing distance but go.

    “This tall person, that my daughter?”The parents who see Zhao Gu Yi make firm decision thus, poor and envious middle age man also hasty, pull the shy daughter to the fairy, the full face anxiously hopes rather Peng.

    “Unexpectatively open Wu Dang any respects a true person to unexpectedly do one this kind of kidnaps of matter, really let to grow some despise!”See any respect the true person bound he dares to also appear in front of him, long enjoy a true person isn’t an idiot, know he if speak answer, any respecting true person’s affirmation will kill people to kill.Since it is so, he is then straight-tempered to pack English once Be getting stronger.However is in mind he flew Du to scold half dead, that guy was unlucky, after ran into that guy, he starts the back luck of walking!

    All of everythings in the palace are crystals condense but become, the ray of light is bright, radiant brilliant.The gold is small to open to step forward to go two, suddenly and shockingly halt, he sees in that palace most in, put a huge throne, but on that throne, unexpectedly still sit a living mankind!

    Take out record of magic weapon diagram need of chain material, the Du flies to urge to work properly dint to float it before chest, then flick gobble up open to of Yan, the chain machine that the side surmises a side improvement greatly starts accounting ……

    Looking at Chu text Xuan that Duo Duo pressing attitude, seal to traverse a burst of knit the brows:”What your work properly son, notice proper restraint, she is my fiancee, please hold with dignity 1:00.”

    “Say so to come, that this galaxy perhaps is is completely artificial to build out, just don’t know build one this galaxy of the person fix for have much profound?”The words that hear wood Huai, the Du flies tiny, then some absolute being go toward of say.The list constructs a galaxy with the manpower, that is the how terrible magical power!

    “Can not arbitrarily do I choose?”

    Is disorderly to become angry

  83. Because these 6 increase a cannon physical volume really is too big, the gold is small to open to have to its income among own crystal cube space.After saving such a big guy, the gold is small to develop own save space now the saturation was finally and soon.Checked for a while the thing in the space, the gold was small to open unbearable wry smile for a while, oneself really sees what good things all go toward in fill.

    “Talk to not and up believe, just to my beneficial affair, I will do.”Seal a Ling without thinking way.

    She is in the university, more from vulgar, even humble must have some autisms.She doesn’t like a dormitory mansion and connect the peacetime is in the campus turn all would not like to.Everyone very the oddness is this female kid, always feel the worry that she has full stomach, but would not like to speak out, be like a face up write full the toy of sorrow, always existence, but don’t know it why be done so grief.

    “Insist a short while again, the medicine virus develop quickly!”See He Er southern the elder fall on the ground, Na gram many elders are hurriedly past to hand his Chan encouragement way.

    Word to choose!”

    Although the that the gold is small to open cloth on body ties up frighten a person, actually his condition of the injury already the big part recover from illness, leaves some internal injury, at that moment and then the Chan of little monkey hands over there under slowly come out a stone house.After, the stone house’s gold is small before opening eyes a bright, he discovers that he originally arrived at a place that is been similar to to primary forest.

    See the double eyes that the Du fly glad appearance, keep in mind a true person of bamboo in suddenly naked big prosperous, stare at Du to fly a way:”My view’s your state far and far outruns you current etc. rank, you all sooner or later can break a dollar baby to expect!”

    After an hour, item elder sister’s both the younger brotherses of Chen Mei Chen row a ship to return to the creek in the village, then Chen Xiang dashed away to return to shout Mom and Dad all the way, while Chen Mei then stays to on a ship looking at Du to fly.

    The fire tooth is cold


    “The ground of southwest, the thou seeks refuge for the sorcery clan of, thousand years since then, sorcery clan to grow Shuai

  84. If change a person to say this kind of words, perhaps fill Long early one feet Chuai was past, threatenned and bribed the other party to speak the truth.But he faces now of is two as beautiful and weak as a blossom girls, fill Long also malicious not next heart to interrogate, had to helplessly grasp to grasp hair, way:”Since is so, that even if ……” suddenly the ray of light in the his eyes is one Shan, have some exciting ways:”Can not say to don’t relate to, let us came to compare to take a shot good, see me can see profound mysteries in it!”

    19. Desire has no rest. The person’s desire has no destination.

    “This also nothing important, can ast least prove, I compare your senior to want Gao Shang in the position in your heart a little so, so like, I without a rival.”Seal Ling Yang Tan’s way.

    The jade looking at Tang at the male can the son feel ashamed of appearance, also have her Yan ear the thief conduct and actions of the bell, ha ha a smile of for a while Tang can the son press in the body bottom to say again:”Say or not, don’t say again come a deliver how?”


  85. The boy wishes, even if being a beautiful love must also last long to just go, he is still that the melancholy write.

    “Wait you to arrive nether world, ask your friend!”The Yao area is bad to ruthlessly and suddenly add dint, thousand work properly an awl to explode one Peng dazzling ray of light, speed and strength increase again, wildly and fiercely the forbiding of the facing south section Er machine blood emperor drills!

    “This, about walked, etc., wait to finish doing obeisance a hall to walk, return to take the lo lo of a daughter-in-law for Niang.”Seal a Ling to looking at dream son to depend on that very red face, cannot help but teasing a way.

    “, That your meaning is to say, is a Liu Ni, she comes to make track for you?”

    Mo steps doctor Mo inquired that soldier toward the carter the reason over there.

    The star of beautiful evolution body existence, this is very difficult!”See the Du damnation get an attitude kind, the wave is green to summon up courage to persuade 1.

    Wanted to think, this time the Du flies to have no directly let out to work properly burning, but sweep into those all the universe quit in.Last time, he directly let out to work properly in the warehouse burning gobbled up iron of the behavior of the piece, have a little rash.Wanting to know to work properly burning evolution is he carries on inside the body, if revealed breathing, could not say will drive what person seek to come, if be discovered by Wu Dang Pai’s pupil, he perhaps and again escapes to go to Europe!

    The gold is small to open although know that the person in the mirror is distance snow that always can see in normal times in he or she,the taste never examining with this kind of once saw, imperceptibly, the gold was small to open unexpectedly slightly some chis.

    Mix the broken up ground that arises in the explosion in, a Can white ray of light bombs however rises, straight of blunt God border, the point fiercely roars and shouts a sting to win public support person’s ear drum to living painful.The gold is small to open a title to hope to go, that white light’s imitating a Buddha is the meteor that is a from ascension in the ground and turned an eye to submerge the sky of deep blue color and soon then and thoroughly disappeared to disappear.

    Is near at very short distance, there is a love not to dare to talk

    However haven’t waited six green openingses to request to stay, the Du flies fierce of draw back a door, immediately summer if the Xi is losing an equilibrium figure to immediately hurtle into building.

  86. “Heel!”

    “Thank a true person to warn!”Hear any respect a true person of give repeated advice to, 10 of underneath wins to together and together return to way.

    “This is what?”The gold is small to open to fondle wall, feels puzzling-in the ocean of mentally dense, how can have this kind of thing?Have here what living creature will build a wall?Don’t be kidding!

    ‘I expect you know almost everybody living near here,’I said.’Do you know a woman whose names begin with the let ters L.L.?’

    “But now today, but you is station at here!”The corpse nowise shows weak backstroke, ” my father cans not do it of affair, not exactly I can not do it.That’s right, he is nine days on one person, but how result is?Not just few person in the Gu house is a , the affair of world isn’t what his a person can hold get live.I have no necessity to fool you, you if not believe, see your hand in, what is what to grasp ?”

    The big elder is fierce to absorb an one breath, while other elders also all concentrated the vision to in the face of big elder, because he connects down to declare his to come to a decision!

    11.The speed that the graduate student expands to recruit is 30%,

    “Try and see!”The gold is small to open completely don’t account result, prepare to give it a gamble.To him, the current day absolutely can describe with”living not equal to dead”, if didn’t acquire what breakthrough, perhaps will youth

    While being public to stay back that grass shed any further through can not stand the impact of this vehemence fall apart while signing of collapse to fall down to arise a full sky of smoke and dust, be Ao virtuous Wei to pull the situation that they finally saw inside the grass shed after smoke and dust dissipation, Li Jun who see this time all over all wrap up to draw off slowly and backward in the middle of protecting a body and really annoying.The leaf sings breeze the double eyes then close tightly of sit on the ground, but that vehemence is exactly from his body up send forth, increased a leaf to sing breeze after death and unexpectedly to appear along with the vehemence an unclearly and falsely copy, although could not see the true facial expression that falsely copies that high big tall and big in stature shape perhaps are rare Ers to all want to candidly admit defeat, falsely copy the strange form weapon that the right hand holds is also the person who lets to see to feel breath one Zhi.

    The gold is small to open and distance snow is not a lot of either to ask, at that moment and then and orchid degree and Chi 2 people in the sky take leave to break up.

    “You hurt me, my boyfriend’s coming back absolutely can’t pass you!”Feel the bayonet once rowed on the skin and allowed Ting really panic.

  87. Waterproof shoulder bag, purse, tent, sleeping bag, antiskid mat, keep tide mat, Chong spirit from sleeping Zhen ……under the introduction of the sales clerk, the Du flies some dimmed eyesights confused.However, he is in the light of a principle, to his useful of buy, as for those look like the common run of people an essential product, he directly chooses to give up.End, at sales clerk strange look in the eyes in, the Du flies to buy a large and waterproof shoulder bag, national detailed map, waterproof tent and keeps breeze lighter, battalion from using canteen and a spool of steel wire rope.

    A person lives and has love and has well, so as to make to live interest to turn, vivid turn, beautiful turn.

    The words that the Du flies just on exporting, three females ask question a way at the same time.

    The that gold eye monster person after seeing the month blade that the gold is small to open an used amazes on the face of air one Shan but die, obviously is unexpectedly this bites crystal will be thus sharp, chop in two metal railing to knit be like at slice to pare bean curd similar.

    The gold is all smto open to notice, all hold a kind of long-like in shape crystal weapon in these big fellow hands, that was up full of the strength of exploding the sort, and seeing the appearance was 1 kind to badly bite a treasure.Obviously this is a kind of make type weapon, otherwise generally practice moral teachings the thing that the refining comes out, regardless bite crystal or bite the treasure is all in shape willing have a bigger dissimilarity, that because the dollar dint on the body of everybody has small difference.

    “Ha ha, evil crystal isn’t a little bit ex- sky of have already used up on the transmission!”Smell speech, He Er south elder wry smile voice, time of opening of secret place is too brief, basically could not collect enough evil crystal, each time secret place close empress around decade, evil crystal will be used completely.

    Li Jun sees whirling with the personal dint break the logjam on the field can not help towarding side in the body

    Still have relatively draw on our then their courtyard front of the small ditch.

    The Louis Si master behaves very modern-minded, for this circumstance didn’t also oppose, then the Wan speech declined that proposing of the war alliance genius pupil, but Be preside over a wedding ceremony a person, managed master elder brother and two elder sister Shis’ weddings.

    Connect down 20th, a sky, the Du flies from 150 younger brothers and picked and got rid of 20th, heart bosom evil plot of, then helped the remaining persons to all break through a term the pass in Du, make Lee widely several people have been stepping up to do exercises in gymnastics and fear drive the younger brother of the under charge exceed but have no face.

    Use a look in the eyes will whole set up to account diagram to sweep to see a time of, the Du flew and then quickly imitated in the brain the 3D stereoscopic diagram of the whole Vatican.Let go of map, the Du flew to turn head to see one eye some worried Niger


    Hear nearby the inquiry of elder, public bottom of hush also not from living a fidgety idea, however he is to lead the way a person, nature not the ability show this emotion and then and lightly say:”Wait and see to would be, time should move will move naturally!”

    “How?Is this very fantastic?”The gold is small to open some become speechless.

    “So say, Kui especially was the Sir to want to make me help to pull financial group uncle to go to wager?”Listenned to Kui especially of words, the Du flies dark loosenned tone, in the heart also dark strange oneself isn’t cool-headed.At the beginning and Kui especially understanding be because gamble, believe he to own impression also is limited by a wager Shu superior and makes effort in vain him to still worry for several days by himself.

    The crafty witty saying Hui dirty phrase City well spirit slices to quit it

    The big enemy has already gone, the gold is small to open to feel that the whole body is tired, follow stone wall and then sit to in the ground, repeatedly pause for breath not already

    This day, the Du flies to arrive at an elder palace and drive car wood two old compulsorily accept for the Wang round Gang of servant stab two demons talk the Long exchanged by putting the condition that they return to a demon palace to his obedience.

    We left the station and went to see Mrs Laura Lyons.I in troduced Holmes to her.After they had shaken hands,he said:’Dr Watson has told me everything,Mrs Lyons.We see Sir Charles’death as a case of murder.Both Stapleton and his wife are suspects.

    The gold is small to open a surprise of way:”Your meaning BE, have you already broken Wu Leng Yai to bite the branding in the treasure?”

    It are corpses to wait true person of great white crane to take four gold Dan monks all of the whole war turn insides leaving after leaving.In addition to the super ability warrior of M country and E country, these corpses there are also many employees of the whole world groups, they die all stare big eyes to look up at the sky, not really understand, they are this kind of common run of people, why meeting does book arrive in this kind of affair?

    Chapter 13 library Ge(next)

  89. “This is that I make a bet to fix to win there from the card come of fly empty evil Tan!”The thunder receives virtuous satisfiedly think that the Du flew to show for a while, then read voodoo, see the evil Tan launch aweather, afloat at they are nearby.

    , While signing will leave of these 1,000 bottoms that fight a ship are firm hornet nest.Thus these war ships discarded from the fastenning sorcery teacher in the soil hand.

    “They exactly is where come out to come?Seemed to be long time ago and then once wased once appearing in the world?”

    The secretary who outside sits in the door, a see the jade come out at the male and Lin Mu Xue and immediately peeped out a strange facial expression, just she opens the door for world of time, seem to don’t see Lin Mu Xue, she still thinks Lin Mu Xue and Tang can the son left together, but this time a want to seem Tang can the son is a walking together of male, so just Lin Mu Xue is also in the office, office for the so big a piece of place, oneself how can didn’t see Lin Mu Xue, the secretary is still very strange.

    As expected, this is indeed as expected the “memory” that the small gold card looks for.Although is also an appearance of small ball, but superficial like at broadcast slide similar, the Shan wears various picture and appearance of each kind now.The gold is small to open to slightly and slightly see for a while, discovered that that up has a various weird wild beast, huge city and palace, war condition with great scale ……

    The unauthorized biography that is a burst of to smile to make a voice from the palace at this time, obviously was an emperor Ge to believe in inside of the pupil saw time have been already arrived and rushed through to take part in city with each other, the monk of other religious sects of ratio or spread to fix, they pour is need not wait for in the outside, can directly come in.

    I gave her the wisdom to know that a good husband never hurts his wife, but sometimes tests her strength and resolve to stand beside him unfalteringly.

    The fierce heaven on the grandstand not from a surprised:”Li Jun is how cruel!”Money is much many not from one Leng, toward fierce heaven to say:”Are you what mean?”Fierce heaven because is shocked have been already forgotten to compete with money much and more, lick to lick dry lips of way:”The jinx that rides a soldier is heavy infantry phalanx and long range to attackstone a hand, have no long range attack hand in the field now, Li Jun is to use these 3,000 people to regard as to project go to of

    “I am to want to inebriate!”Hear this admonish, Chen first and suddenly vents sort ground to shout at top of voice, in a flash of hand wine cup Duo return to.Turning but re- pouring is full, toast preparation again drink, Chen first and suddenly responded to come over, wife, Huang Xiao E, gave the unfilial son Chen to rehabilitate first, at this time in home in addition to he combine none person, that just admonished is who speak?

    “That doesn’t know expensive will discuss what result?”Smell the dark council chairperson of speech setting up for to pay no attention ground to ask a way.

    Seal to traverse one earthquake in heart, seeming that is his target.

  90. “Hey Hey!”See the appearance that the girl struggles, Gao Jing Bo smiles low 1 and released to choke the claw son in girl’s chest ex-2:00.But the girl hasn’t come yet and loose tone, be stupidly separated legs by Gao Jing Bo, start to grasp the remote control of table, ruthlessly toward private parts Tong go in!

    “Several unexpectatively short ten yearses, your boy unexpectedly has already passed through a sky to rob, however even if is such, you dare to return to this cosmos again, the destiny has been already destined.”The fairy knows a to sweep Du to fly, the way clear fairy discovers that Du’s flying unexpectedly has already got into Mahayana to expect, in the heart not from a burst of Ya however, with

    The ground that the gold is small to open fire monster the Jing break built-up ripple and suddenly bombard purple dress Human body over there up, “bomb” ground a big earthquake, the light of fire Teng rises several ten meters high, that purple dress person is already drive

    “Any Ye, you this is what mean!”The front door that ruthlessly pushes away true person’s office of any Ye, great white crane true person the enraged geology ask a way.

    Jade at male some difficultly say:”Forbid infantry, riding the soldier can always make me have severals, I don’t know much to don’t see love qing an action movie for a long time, I have already repented, you are to think indiscriminately, I work so busy, which sometimes see what WOW, the website like ACFUN.What 221, I call MT what of I don’t know.”

    Hear jade at male this words that is a bit overbearing, Tang can the in the mind of son but have happy feeling, can face oneself person in the home that kind of huge influences all don’t lower the head and falsely explain the conviction that the jade sees him at the male to own firmness so firm, by so doing seem ownly and pay also still very worth.

    The denizen here clothes pattern changes more, even connecting the clothes styles on the earths can see, and sometimes the gold small conference has a kind and returns to permafrost illusion.

    Huang Lu Shi is the crystal stone of a kind of high class

    River door Yi Chuan one knife cut toward Li Yan, owner of the first felling is this knife well quick.

    Thoughts and feelings afloat for a long time behind, the Du flies suddenly one Leng, noodles the color ground of doubt ask a way to the car at the side of body Xuan station now:”These mis that seem to is all fairy city smell, don’t know how elder generation is understood?”

    Hear six green radicle of canning build within five yearses, Du’s flying to pour don’t doubt, although this sounds a bit impossible, not for come from the fairyland of Peng Lai to know the depths Peng old, he still kept choosing to believe, and he feels joy for six green canning have this chance and opportunity but.However immediately hear six green want to will think gentleman hotel to entrust to him, the Du flies some distress.His born nature loves a freedom, the nature would not like to be limited a lord by this kind of trifles, but at the thought of this strenuous effort that thinking the gentleman hotel is six green these more than ten in the last yearses, finally having to helplessly should descend.

  91. Chu Ling Yan closed lightly purse one’s lips, way:”The teacher makes me take to seal a Ling to return to, didn’t complete a task, I was to be disgraced to see teacher.”

    However the Du flew to still pack at this time one is hot to get hard bear with of appearance, the arms and legs carried enough the capability is fierce to bump on the crystal cabin, can let what him disappointed BE, this kind of crystal cabin doesn’t know is use what material make into, at his bump shot with all strength under, didn’t have no the slightest of variety.

    Manager:What way do you say to have?

    “!”He Lin is thinking of the activity with no result, immediately calmed down down, ” section chief, doesn’t he embark these pileup to walk?”

    “All of these three pieces of rocks are old field areas of, may open a jadeite very much!”The stand lord eye pupil turned to turn and packed an appearance for deploring greatly, “3 pieces even if 5,000!”

    “Rise!”Summer if Xi beautiful eyes circle the Zheng is hiding in her building to toward a Chinese foot-like in shape magic weapon to make an effort at the moment.She ties up to land before this a magic weapon still half year green took part in “fairyland airtight meeting” to get of, at that time six green once gave repeated advice to her to fix to used again for arriving inborn peak, however today her fix for after breaking 1 F, delight in heart under, then took out this to study Chinese foot-like in shape magic weapon.

    The tooth Liao is one Leng, immediately wide awake, call a way:”To, we haven’t finished clearing all districts and perhaps still hide a star there thief!”Immediately and then order under charge monster’s person to look for according to the directions of map.

    Unfortunately, silver wolf this of protect life means but didn’t have what function, he just exceeded a step, feel the neck is behind one pain, feet bottom an empty, the whole individual was like a chick similar be lifted.

    Thunder Mo and thunder Die that have been hiding in the troops behind are 2 people, all excitement of full face at the moment.If not that don’t want to reveal an identity, perhaps they early now compete first drill into passage.

    “But that Lee always also ……” was still small beautiful to mean to say what, but was interrupted by Zhang Jie.

    “The Du flies, quick!”Along with an urgently drink, the Du flies the dollar of some Wei mis the absolute being immediately return to absolute being and curled up concealed diagram to return to inside the body that the Du flies, then the hatch of airship close, the moxa rice immediately starts lifting airship soon.

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