Our Kids Deserve Better

I travel all over the world with Save the Children, but I spent time earlier this week visiting some of our most important efforts anywhere—those for kids right here at home. Poverty rates here in the United States are some of the worst we have seen in decades with nearly 1 in 4 kids living in poverty. And in areas like Clarendon County, South Carolina, where I visited this week, 38% of children live below the poverty line. In some counties we serve across the state, that number is more than 50%.
What’s the best way to change these statistics? Make sure that every child gets through the fourth grade learning to read. The data is clear: kids who can’t read at grade level by the time they leave elementary school have a very steep hill to climb. Many drop out in middle school and even more by high school. The poverty trap starts all over again when these kids drop out.

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