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Hey folks,


You’re invited to spend an evening with me this holiday season – talking together about the remarkable results for children you made possible this year and our plans for the year ahead. For example:

Thanks to friends like you…

… a young girl in Japan is safe, secure and back in school

… a once-desperate East African mother sees her baby start to thrive

… a boy in Kentucky learns about healthy eating and exercise

… a sponsored child in El Salvador knows that someone truly cares

… and so much more.


Most important, I really

Do we really have to choose THIS??

As I celebrated Thanksgiving with my extended family this weekend, eating from a huge spread, sharing updates and stories and generally catching up at a big family gathering, I also thought about the many kids and families Save the Children works with all around the world and right here in the United States. I knew their lives were totally different from my own three kids’ and those of my many nieces and nephews. My sons and

PHOTOS: Revolution & Evolution: My Trip to Egypt – Part 3

My evening in Assiut proved to be one of the most unique and interesting parts of my visit to Upper Egypt. As it began to get dark, the streets became clogged with young people coming home and going out. We traveled to a youth center, supported by the local government, to attend a play organized by local young people with the help of some of the adults in the community. The play was written by a well-known local author of children’s books and focused on key health messages directed towards young pregnant moms, parents, and children themselves.


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