Culture Snapshot: Blind-Cat Game Played by Children in Egypt

Generic Ahmed Abdel Hamid, Sponsorship Manager

Cairo, Egypt

Friday, April 8, 2011

Save the Children has sponsorship programs in over twenty countries in five regions of the world! Our Culture Snapshot series highlights unique elements of local culture from each of the regions our sponsorship programs operate in. We hope you enjoy and will visit again in the coming weeks to learn about each region. Check out the last post, "Culture Snapshot: Carom – A Favorite Game of Children in Bangladesh"


The “Blind Cat” or “El Qota El Aamyaa” in Arabic is a team game where children decide who will be the blind cat and who will search for the others while his/her eyes are blindfolded.

Children Toss to Decide who Starts (1)
After selecting who will start, the team creates borders for the playing area.

Children play Blind-cat 2
Then the selected blind cat tries to catch one of the children who will then become the blind cat.

Children play Blind-cat 1
The child who plays the blind cat focuses on his/her hearing skill to figure out where each child is.

Coming soon, learn about xingomana, a cultural dance in Mozambique!


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