Surveying the Destructive Force of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Iwoolverton Ian Woolverton, Save the Children Media Manager

Tokyo, Japan

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Landing at Tokyo's international airport this morning after a long flight from Sydney, Australia, I looked up at a television screen to see images of a nuclear reactor with a headline, "Explosion at Fukushima reactor."

Add to that an aftershock or two (there have been 400-500 aftershocks since Friday's devastating earthquake and tsunami), and I started to question why I was here.

But as the world's leading independent organization for children, we are in the business of helping children and their families affected by disasters at home and overseas as well as in developed and less developed countries.

By now we've all seen the images of the awesome destructive power of the tsunami that wreaked havoc along the east coast of Japan's most densely populated Honshu island, home to famous cities like Tokyo and for all the wrong reasons, Sendai, the city that was smashed to pieces by the tsunami.

But what's less well reported is the damage caused to other centers of population like Asahi City, where I'm headed now. Here the authorities estimate nearly 19,000 households have been affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

Sitting in the back of a Save the Children vehicle on a beautiful spring Sunday morning we speed toward the city.At this point I could be lulled into a false sense of security. There are no signs that we're headed to a disaster area. I can honestly say I have not seen any earthquake damage to buildings and homes. This is testament to Japan's strict building codes that ensure all buildings are built to withstand even the most severe earthquakes.

But no government, however wealthy, can be expected to prevent, in some areas, 10 metre tsunami waves gobbling up everything from articulated trucks to houses, schools and, tragically, people.

And it is this new reality that I fear will greet us as we draw closer to Asahi City.

So, why have we come here? Why aren't we up north in Sendai? Fact is, there has been so much attention on Sendai, and the Japanese authorities are so good at disaster response that we want to focus our attention on meeting the unmet needs of children and their families in other areas that might get overlooked. I'm not suggesting we will put the needs of children in Sendai to one side. Of course we won't since the needs there are massive, but we want to ensure children up and down the east coast get the help they need as well.

Our ambition in tsunami-affected areas is to open what's known as Child Friendly Spaces, effectively a play space where children can play with other children of a similar age under close supervision from responsible adults. The idea is to relieve the stress on parents and to give them a break from childcare duties as they register for emergency assistance.

But there's another reason to run Child Friendly Spaces, and that's to allow children to return to as normal an environment as possible (given the circumstances).

Our experience in decades of disaster response shows us that children must be returned to a normal routine as quickly as possible to help ward off the risk of long-term psychological problems.

Arriving in Asahi it is clear many children and their families need help.

Along the sea front, homes have been decimated and become caked in mud. I met people sweeping mud from their homes, without much success it has to be said.

The streets nearest the beach are full of bizarre sights like overturned vehicles wedged in houses or leaning on walls. I've seen these scenes before in places like Aceh following the tsunami in Indonesia, but I'm always in awe of how brutal mother nature can be.

The most distressing experience for me was meeting Natsumi (10) and Nao (11) Nakazawa who were afraid of the water and desperate to return to school to be with friends they'd not seen since the earthquake and tsunami.

I also met the Takane family who, along with hundreds of families, had sought shelter in one of 17 classrooms at IIzuka Primary School.

Mom Mariko and her four children Yuto (8), Aika (7), Kanato (1) and newborn Amihi had been living in a small classroom since Friday.'

At first they were afraid to go home, but once they summoned the courage to return they found there was no water supply, leaving them little choice but to return to the school for shelter.

Sadly, I suspect that the Takane's story is one playing out up and down the east coast of Japan's most densely populated island.


Learn more about our recovery response to the earthquake in Japan.

Help Us Respond to the Japan Earthquake Recovery. Please Donate Now.


  1. The Earthquake is terrible! My favorite Japanese band actually lives in Sendai – I hope they’re ok!

  2. Surprisingly, some structures that were hit by the quake still stand. It comes with no surprise, since the Japanese are popular for their architectural ingenuity. Whoever the contractor of those houses must be very good! Let’s just all pray that the worst ends sooner. I just read this morning that another explosion happened in the nuclear power plant near Tokyo. I’m pretty sure after all of these crises are finished, Japan will rise stronger – after all, they also lead the world when it comes to their technology, innovations and marketing strategies! Let us all pray for Japan!

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Consultancy Lonergan Edwards Associates has ended up appointed by way of the SKMboard to determine should the deal is actually in the most beneficial interests regarding SKM shareholders.With July, typically the Entire world Bank get SKM in a probation list once that solid disclosed an important subsidiary seemed to be doing improper expenses regarding several overseas aid projects inside southeast Asia. Business spokesman Cheap ugg boots Dale Bryce suggested your installment payments was realized while in your thanks diligence exercise, but probably wouldn’t proclaim whether this valuable has been with relation for the Jacobs deal.At Monday, any Australian Federal Police, which will reported with July it absolutely was investigating SKM, reported that will investigation, as well as some sort of separate just one to engineering consultancy GHD, was initially continuing.Shareholder meetingsSKM could quite possibly offer little even further details about this timing from the planned SKM shareholder votes intended to end up appropriate, having Federal Court plus Overseas Financial commitment Assessment Board approval. Chief executive and then managing director Santo Rizzuto is certainly meeting staff and then clients the following week to successfully speak about the takeover. This is an exciting opportunity, Rizzuto mentioned at a statement. That uniquely positions us amongst this global peers not to mention opens how meant for us to quickly attain also improved issues within the possible future. This adds scale, diversification in addition to emergence options available for you to this business enterprise. Topics: Engineering Emergence Alex VynokurCo-founder, Wind up being ugg boots sale taShares Just what investments execute a person such as in the moment?I鈥檓 very long around the US dollar in the moment, while using tapering that鈥檚 bound to help appear along with the Reserve Bank from Australia keen for the Australian dollar to make sure you weaken. read significantly more

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