Using Art Education and Therapy to Help Preschoolers in Mozambique Fight the Effects of HIV/AIDS: Part Two

Monica photo (2) Monica

Chizavanae Village, Gaza District, Mozambique

June 15, 2010

the rural areas of Mozambique where Save the Children works, almost all
children have been affected by the AIDS crisis, losing family members
and teachers to the disease.   

Save the Children, through funding from the Charles Engelhard Foundation and the 2007 Idol Gives Back
TV fundraising event, began piloting an innovative program using visual
arts to help give children a voice to their emotions about difficult
events in their every day lives in rural Mozambican preschools or
“escolinhas” in 2008.

As part of the “Healing and Education through Art” or HEART program, preschool teachers participated
in three training sessions. Monica, a
preschool teacher, shares her thoughts about how the training has helped improve her work with children:

“Through the training, I learned how to listen to what children say,
and how to ask questions about what they draw or paint. I learn a lot
from doing this.

For instance, one day this past March during art class, one of my
students, Jameson, decided to draw what he had done the previous
weekend.  He began to draw a cross and flowers, which led to a
discussion among his classmates.  I heard him tell the other children
that his mother had died that weekend and his drawing showed where he
had spent his Saturday.  While talking, Jameson added sand on his
drawing to make the shape of a grave.  And, then, one of his classmates
picked a flower to place on top of the grave as a memorial. 

My training also taught me that it is okay to allow children like
Jameson to express sad things in their life and it’s not always bad to
draw about sad things.”


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