Nafy’s Story: Kangaroo Mother Care in Mali

R10-MA__-70a Dr. Nialen Kaba, Save the Children, project assistant for newborn survival and health

Bamako, Mali

April 14, 2010

I met Nafy on a visit to the Kangaroo Mother Care unit at Gabriel Toure Hospital in Bamako, Mali this past December. She was proud to be carrying her newborn son on her chest.

At delivery, Nafy was upset when the midwife told her that her baby was very small, weighing only 1200 grams (2.6 pounds). When her husband Adama learned of the baby’s condition, his joy quickly faded and he decided not to give the child a name. So, Nafy named him Ismael.

The day after Ismael was born, he was transferred to the pediatrics unit of the hospital. Expecting the worst, Nafy was relieved to learn that her baby had no abnormalities. However, because he was born premature, he would need to be kept warm to help him gain weight and grow.

She was told about Kangaroo Mother Care, a recently accepted practice in Mali that when coupled with a mother’s determination could help Ismael survive. 

View a photo essay featuring moms and babies in the Kangaroo Mother Care ward at Gabriel Toure Hospital in Bamako, Mali.

Nafy quickly adopted the Kangaroo Mother Care method in hopes of seeing her baby survive. She was forced to cope with Ismael alone because her husband Adama and his family were convinced that her efforts would be in vain. 

Their reaction only reinforced Nafy’s resolve. She practiced Kangaroo Mother Care and Ismael gained weight day by day. 

Her slogan was, “She who gives birth to a snake, attaches him to her waist.” The slogan means: Whatever the physical and mental condition of her baby, a mother is always ready to do whatever it takes to help her child survive. 

Each year, about 900,000 newborns worldwide die due to premature births. In Mali, more than 14 percent of newborns are born premature, according to the 2006 Mali Demographic Health Survey. But since the kangaroo care center opened 20 months ago, sover 550 babies have benefitted.

Learn how more than 50 percent of newborn deaths could be saved through Kangaroo Mother Care.

On the day I visited Nafy, Ismael was entering his third week of life.  He weighed 2800 grams (6 pounds) and wiggled to break free from the chest of his mother, who never stopped smiling.

Learn more about Survive to 5, Save the Children's campaign to save the lives of children under 5.


  1. Hello dear friends,

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    Hawa Diallo

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    | no comments CHICAGO O?HARE AIRPORT UFO SIGHTINGCHICAGO, IL Another UFO sighting has fueled speculation that we are
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    VF Daily wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptA
    if it is debatable aliens exist would mean that you doubt your own existance
    every cell phone has a camera now and yet there are no pictures or video of the ufo from the airport. It just fake , sorry E.T doesn’t exist
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    I say it wasn’t an UFO, but a couple of ex-governors.
    This Article is nice, but we have to study deep……..
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    I want better pictures of the UFO.
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    Happy to see this, YourPost will be the bestin the world!
    Everyone nowadays carries a cellphone with a camera. Yet no one thought of taking a picture?

    I first heard about a ufo flying over Ilinois ariport
    which I saw it on CNN it was on video.
    I thought wow.
    Neat little article about possibly the weirdest
    thing to ever happen in my hometown. I was in middle school at the time of the
    UFO sightings, and remember staying up late eyes glued to the skies for weeks, and
    never seeing a thing. My grandfather however worked for the state
    police and knew several of the police officers who were adamant that they had seen
    something they couldn’t explain. He also had a cousin who worked at the courthouse who also claimed that she had seen a UFO. From what I remember of her she was a very level-headed lady who worked as a clerk in county treasurer’s office.
    She was very much a deals-in-facts-and-numbers sort of person, not someone
    given to flights of fantasy. I’ve always hoped one day the whole mystery would be solved, and it’s
    nice to know the whole incident hasn’t been completely forgotten.
    One sentence about a prototype iPad and the rest of the article is trash, the whole thing is hearsay “oh we know someone who saw something” right, who doesn’t?

    I actually prefer that there are no pictures leaked. I thought the unveiling of the iPhone 4 would have been a little more spectacular had Jobs not had to say
    “So stop me if you’ve seen this before..”.
    Although, people did find that funny.
    It’s like a UFO sighting, wish there was a photo though!!!
    me thinks given the apparent rate of roll/banking, it looks exactly like an rc plane
    Well, It is clear enough to see any “Props” or propellers on it. Have not seen any jet powered RC aircraft around lately. i also have not seen any RC that has no vertical stabilizer, required on all aircraft except helicopters, for flight. Looks fairly authentic to me. been wrong before though.
    I’ve seen a triangle UFO before and this
    seems like it is very similar; obviously
    video quality is an issue, hard to pick up and focus on something
    moving quickly on a normal consumer cam but aside
    from what I assume is a focus issue (when it looks like you can see the
    top of it and it appears to be silver/grey) I can’t see anything that makes me believe this is fake.
    Ahhhh… So awesome !! So stoked that my bro is part of this epic trip!! Y’all fckin rock!
    ! Cheers!!
    UFOs and aliens often create a display (like a spiral over Norway or even crop circles) to draw
    attention to their presence without actually coming
    out in the open. They would prefer the governments of the world to announce their existence rather than do
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    Cyberlocker (free and resumable)
    it would be great if someone could coach these actors to produce facial expressions
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    In the snapshots where the character Martin is compared to Richard Ramirez
    and Ted Bundy, what does their facial expressions mean?

    I would also like to know what kind of information the expressions of Bundy and Ramirez portrayed.

    The expressions of Bundy and Ramirez could be a
    “duping delight”- a sense of happiness that they are
    getting away with someone. Ironically, the pictures that they showed
    during the show was at their trials, so why would they be happy after being convicted?

    When one reads the Bible, a broken spirit and a contrite heart God will not despise.
    One must believe God is he, odd (John 8:24).
    Satan is him, even strange. The earthly church is described as a woman, her,
    she, women, daughters, wife. She gives birth to religion, (Exodus 34:15)
    a false god in the land (Leviticus 25:23). *Galatians
    4:26 But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of
    us all.* Synagogue Jews choose virgin Mary as their idol,
    what is the difference between a statue and the golden calf?

    (Luke 15:30). The heart of man is desperately wicked, the world is afraid of truth!
    *Luke 2:51*
    i saw this strange light in iran, like this picture!!
    Cool! I never would have thought I could take my dog with me to this place.

    I know I’ve seen break dancing robots from Japan before. Isn’t it the least we should
    expect? Don’t they realize how cool a break dancing robot on the moon would be?.
    This has happened several times in many countriesobjects that at first sight would have you thinking you’re watching
    just balloons but under closer inspection reveal interesting
    characteristics as described in this article, just search on youtube “ufo fleets” or
    “ufo flotillas” and you will see several cases, some even at night, there’s a video particularly intriguing, recorded in Mexico, it shows an object releasing spheres, very, very interesting…
    THere are not 3.. but 4 UFOs in the pic
    The triangle coincidence depends on where the observer is standing. Viewed 50 miles away, they might appear to be in a line or in no particular arrangement whatsoever.
    Please take me away!
    Hard to tell what it is, we used to let helium balloons with tin foil go up. When it is bright and the sun is rather low above the horizon you get effects like this.
    JL is correct, there are actually 4 points of light in the pic. The 4th is to the left of the antenna. The points of light seem to be equidistant from each other. These points of light were not the ony things seen and filmed at the time. H.E. Miller, please keep your skepticism to yourself and open your eyes.
    “the two in the middle are in direct line with each other.”{
    god forbid that anyone should do anything other than to blindly accept that this is an alien invasion…skepticism bad…blind faith good!
    Ok i live in Rochester NY and my whole family saw EXACTLY the same kind of lights in the sky at sunset but i couldn’t tell you exactly what day.

    We made all kinds of comments about what they might be.
    …it was my 12 year old who said and i quote “better look around for the mother ship”
    Finally…I always knew this day would come. The
    years spent in solitude preparing, contemplating,
    devouring everything ever written about aliens,
    struggling to discern fact from fiction, the sit-ups and
    karate exercises, all that effort and energy spent gloriously validated.
    I was right. I WAS RIGHT!! AND I AM READY!!! BRING IT ON!
    !!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
    The video was of very poor quality, another consistency with alleged UFO sightings.
    I believe they are as the school claims them to be:
    Balloons. You can say what you want, but until the evidence is provided
    otherwise that it’s not (With today’s digital technology
    available to ordinary consumers).
    Read the REAL story at:
    if its a balloon why its visible both in us and china
    Please tell us the danger of UFO`s over NY or anywhere compared to the
    Aliens from over the border?
    Over 11 millions Aliens in America that dont not belong here andy its big news to
    see more of nothing that has never harmed America.

    TRUTH: Why is it that it’s always the guy with the wrong camecorder taking the shot. Com’n.
    …people it’s New York. There’s got to be a person with an Red One, DSLR .
    … something that can zoom all the way to it.

    From the video, the description in the story is BS. It wasn’t four UFO’s in a symmetrical formation.
    It was a cluster of white balloons, probably all set free at the same time.
    The picture above just happened to catch four in a “formation” which
    was merely chance.
    Hate to burst the UFO bubble (and I certainly think it is possible there are other life forms
    in the universe) but this was apparently 12 shiny pearl colored balloons
    that escaped the hands of a woman with 4 dozen (then 3 dozen) for a surprise engagement party close to Manhattan.
    The wind carried them over the city…
    Hello Earthlings. We come in peace, as we have for thousands of years.
    Our interest in your planet is scientific research. We are preparing for contact with you soon.
    Please send your best representative, Kim Kardashian
    would do just fine
    They are clearly balloons. To see a few faint sunlit objects in the sky and
    immediately assume it’s otherworldly is grossly ignorant. I wish we weren’t alone as much as anyone,
    but we are. Grow up, this is NOT NEWS.
    In the 45min? nobody thought to whip out a set of binoculars and nobody owns a
    telescope in that city? I guess doing so would KILL the BUZZ?
    We are a spec of dust in the overall cosmos. Yes, other life exsists “out there”.

    . but odds are, they have no intention of booking a spot on Jerry Springer anytime soon.
    Oh, hey Roland. Just wanted to let you know youre a complete
    idiot. Grab something to measure those balloons instead of
    your shitty eye and youll see that they are in no way in any sort
    of pattern. They coincidentally appear to be in a crude triangular shape.

    Any jackass with a brain can deduce that. And every video Ive seen shows that they are
    moving. Soooooo yeah…. Try some real reporting and stop wasting our time with this garbage.

    I watched 2 of these in the eastern sky 2 weeks ago. I live near Charlotte.
    This was in the evening just as it got dark.
    There were 2 bright stars where there shouldn’t be any. Then I watched them just fade away. They never moved from their position.
    It takes a while for the sun to set on objects at high altitude. They are seen to just fade away.
    Hey tucker was just wondering where your from actually, be honest of course? If you have actually witness these U.F.O? (unidentified Flying object)
    Man we know how balloons look in the sky. Why every time its the same cover up.
    I and my friend,were at a park in Colorado Springs on Labor Day 09/06/10, where there is an annual balloon fest;there were no hot air balloons anywhere around that day.The event had been cancelled.
    I think the reason there are fewer reports of faerie sightings is more due to the fact that reporting a ghost sighting is more acceptable. Even among a group of open minded people discussing the paranormal I’ve gotten patronizing reactions and pats on the head if I
    even hint about my many experiences. Seeing little people from the garden is somehow
    crazier than little green men from space
    This object was seen from Sinai which is almost 2200 KMs away.
    It is highly unlikely for a missile to be seen that far away so clearly.

    It may be man-made but it was not the Russian Topol ICBM.

    I don’t know what that was. More than likely man made.
    I am loving the boots and dress, i would rock that shit,
    I actually like this outfit.
    SHE IS A BAD BITCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lol Lol Lol, The best part of this picture is the Dick Rider caption……..He is indees a Dick Rider and she does indeed have a DICK!!!!!!!
    And yeah I like the outfit too.
    Shades, not so much. Too ~edgy~ for my old arse.
    .. the oddest thing .. I saw this in bristol, ct on feb. 3rd .. a few of them.. no noise.. but they did blink out and on .. so I guessed they are helicopters?
    Thank you for the video. Follow up article with the video will be posted soon.
    Man…acid trips are rough, huh?
    Nice post, Brain.
    Thanks, I’ve only been using it a couple of months, but
    fell instantly in love. As you may know, it’s perfect for fiction (built for it really) this was another way of using it. I hope it didn’t
    come across as “the autobiographer’s program.” There was some assumption going in that most
    readers were familiar with Scrivener as they are a
    sponsor of NaNoWriMo.
    Great product promo. Can’t wait to check it out… if only I had time to write more!
    Well, it wasn’t originally intended as a promo. But after
    commencing writing it, I contacted them to see if
    I could offer a discount, so it worked out that
    way. Thanks!
    -According to the Bible the world has been created in six days,but according to the Science this
    process has taken billions of years.If we exclude the difference in time and we pay attention to the SEQUENCE,we will
    see that there is no contradiction between both,but only the question-why in the Bible things
    happened so fast?There is an answer and it`s in the
    Bible itself.Moses described the Creation from his own sight as an eyewitness.
    Where and when he saw It,how could he have seen something happen before his existence?
    Answer:For forty days he has been at the mount Sinai where he
    got information about the past,present and future.The Creation had been REcreated
    to him in six days there,he had seen how the already existing world had been made.
    The long process of evolution had been shown
    to him in the first six days and the SEVENTH day had been dedicated to human`s appearing.
    After that he had seen the difference between Adam`s origin and Eve`s one.

    Adam comes from the dirt in the process of evolution,but Eve comes from DNA material out his body,which marks another jump for the evolution or in
    other words-the missing section of the chain which Science is looking for.
    The Creation continue and The Next Jump Is Coming…2012 ?
    If I contacted to You by mistake and this is the wrong address,please make sure
    that you send me the correct e-mail or You can send that to the people who are interested on the subject.

    (Wire Image/Media Outrage)
    What old man wouldn’t want to hang out with Hugh at the mansion?Wait a minute what young man wouldn’t want to
    hang out with Hugh at the mansion? I want too.

    As much shit as Bill talk about the progression of our people/youth, should have known he was blowing
    smoke up our asses about being a positive pillar in the community.
    Well if grandfathering is the reason they must have one hell of a lot of labels in
    some warehouse, because I’ve seen Champagne’on Barefoot’s label as recently as last week. The term is always modified (as above); the stuff is not called simply Champagne. Korbel does the same thingtheir labels read California Champagne.’
    Hey, I recognize that picture!
    I think most people are aware that Champagne is a region and therefore not applicable to all
    sparkling wines. I see that Barefoot actually has the California Sparkling designation on the
    label (although less prominent than the Champagne).
    So maybe they’re trying to wean their consumers off of that designation… maybe not. However, if drinking sparkling white zinfandel is what it takes to get some consumers to try wine… then I’m
    all for it.
    Those who pay $8 for a “California Champagne” may assume that it is not from the Champagne region (or from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir
    and/or Pinot Meunier).
    Twitter Comment

    Twitter Comment

    Karen’s comment brings us full circle back to the discussion on whether or not Roederer went overboard protecting the Cristal trademark. Protect it or lose it. It is not unreasonable for interested parties to pursue litigation in order to protect a name.
    This article was just referenced by the Champagne Bureau Facebook page as proof that “…over 50% of the sparkling wine sold in the U.S. is improperly labeled as “Champagne?”
    Woah! I’m really loving the theme.
    were able to conveniently explain away some of our local
    UFO sightings. This one, however, had us scratching our
    Being an alien abductee since childhood myself, I always find such tales riveting.
    Truth be told, I’d never heard of the Wood-Wright case, but look forward to seeing the film when it’s released.
    Take care guys, for all you know you may have hybrid kids somewhere
    who might come pay you a visit someday.
    Veru nice post
    Congratulations on two years of blogging. I am with you in your choice
    to include Sufjan Stevens to commence such a great event.
    Have you heard Damascus by Sufjan Stevens?
    Congrats on the two years.
    hi there, thank you so much for all your Sufjan posts !
    !! I have found some really great stuff here !!! THANKS !
    Several UFO mentions here. I’ve pretty much never talked of possible UFO sightings I may have had. I was young, maybe 10ish. Everyone was asleep. I heard a slight strange sound outside and looked out the window. we were 2 -3 stories up. I saw something with many different color lights and an almost flat shape. It disappeared in seconds. Another time I saw a neon green glow zig zag and take off in the distance. My mother told me when I was an infant, during one trip her and my dad went on (with me) they were driving through the mountains (I believe it was West US). When they say they saw a UFO. I am more used to the Paranormal, ghost, spirits, angels, demons. My whole life I’ve been around those and have so many stories to
    tell. But, UFO’s. I find more difficult to comprehend, though the very knowledge of my soul tells me “you saw it, it exist”. also offers Dr. Dan on twitter as smartmedicine. Please let families know 90 days of rehab is available for only $399.
    I’ve got to hand it to you, you did a good job.
    The info is really appreciated.
    I saw something like that in Denver 2 years ago.
    It turned out to be a parachute troop that had flame packs on their backs.

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