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Blog Guidelines for Commenting

Save the Children’s “Voices from the Field” is meant to encourage lively, vital discussion and news delivery. We hope to foster conversation and dialogue about timely global emergencies.

We urge readers to reply to posts, and to each other, through the blog’s comments. Anyone can make a comment by logging in and registering a username and valid e-mail address.

Comments are moderated, and a few basic rules apply in order to maintain an informative atmosphere and one of mutual respect:

•    Comments that contain profanities are automatically screened and deleted.
•    Comments with 3 or more links are held for moderation (to reduce spam.)
•    Comments that misrepresent an official relationship with Save the Children or mislead others about our official statements, are automatically deleted.
•    Different points of view are always welcome, but comments that attack an individual will be deleted.

Blog Editorial Guidelines

Truth and Fairness

•    Every effort will be made to independently confirm critical information and sources, and to acknowledge what we cannot confirm.
•    Copyediting and editorial oversight of blog posts, including photographs, is the responsibility of the editors based in Save the Children USA.

Accountability and Transparency

•    Comments from anonymous users will not be posted. Staff who post comments will be fully identified as to their specific job title and location.

That’s all. We hope you will enjoy commenting!

About the Blog

About the blog “Save the Children: Voices from the Field”

Save the Children’sVoices from the Field” is an ongoing log of our emergency response by staff around the world. The site is operated by Save the Children USA’s communications staff, with frequent contributions from staff who work in the field for other countries in our global alliance.

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